Pioneer Home Theater DVD Speaker Dock for iPod

$149.99 on Amazon w/3.5 Stars

That was an awesome write-up, especially for something posted During a Woot-Off. Well done guys.


This one’s gonna take a while…

The picture says we can’t have their iPod…It says nothing about the iPHONE in the picture.

meh. waiting for Zune.

While not pretending to know all that much about crapple, could that not be an ipod touch?

I swear that app in the top left looks just like the messages app…Granted, I have been awake 22 hours and am running on about 4 and a half hours of sleep…

It seems to be going pretty fast!

Ahhhhhhh shoot me in the face no one wants this crap


i feel better already


come on people, buy this up

Am I the only one on the West Coast at 4AM wading through this crap to get a bag of carp?

I think I can say with some certainty that you are.

nope im in korea just waiting on a bag-o-crap man lol

noooooo…me twu

I’m also on the West Coast, though I am pretending to work.

Korea is not on the west coast. This much I’m sure of.