Pioneer In-Dash DVD/SD/USB Receiver with 7" LCD, Bluetooth & GPS Module

Oh to have bought a car that wasn’t a pain in the rear to replace the head unit in…

This looks like a pretty good deal. Crutchfield sells the units seperately.
Receiver: $525
GPS Unit; $400

Amazon has it for 469.72 through a marketplace vendor.

395.00 for the NAV unit.

Even if I could afford it, how do I know if this will fit in my car?

To the poster who said this wasn’t a good deal, you didn’t see that this includes the Navigation upgrade unit. That alone has a MSRP of over $300.

Yep. Figured it out and ammended my post.

Does this have auxiliary inputs/outputs to hook up to:

  • Rear view camera (input)
  • Second display, such as overhead monitor in a large car/van (output)
  • external device such as portable media player (external input)
  • etc?

I’ve seen a similar player on a tour van, when taking… well… a tour… and it was hooked up to everything I just named. In place of “etc” was the guides microphone… It was pretty nice piece of equipment, but I didn’t remember the brand…

Mama Amazon has a form to check that:

Grain of salt: Amazon said it wouldn’t fit my car, Crutchfield said it would.

Will it play an iPod with track names?

DVD or air conditioning … I’d have to pick between them because when open this would cover my vents! Movies or air conditioning… tougher choice, but I could see this costing a LOT more than they’re selling for here. $499.99 + $5 shipping + $who knows how much for installation + $multiple tickets for running red lights + $the ticket for rear ending that woman while watching the other woman get rear ended on my dvd player + $the lawyer and court costs + $car repairs +$inflated insurance cost …

Gonna have to sleep on it :wink:

Is pioneer really worth having to install that extra black box? There are less expensive units with the same features and navigation built into the unit. For instance I have been looking at the Jensen VM9414, $379 shipped from amazon, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

If you have to ask then you obviously haven’t heard the difference between crappy deck with mediocre frequency tuning and crappy signal to noise ratio do yourself a ginormous favor if you want better sound spend the extra 100 bucks and get the pioneer. If you don’t care about stellar sound quality and just want features then get Jensen or Dual Boss etc, but don’t expect it to last.
In my experience the only head unit that does more than the pioneer’s are the eclipse head units and they are typically 100 to 400 or 500 more

This looks like an awesome unit and a great deal, but I’m not sure my whole car is worth $500. Also, I have a recessed head unit and I don’t think a pop-out display would work right.

I love Crutchfield, but their definition of “fits” might be a little broad for some people. I bought a head unit from them for my Hyundai once. They said it would fit, and it sort of did- the pull-out faceplace fit through the hole in the dash. However, the trim ring that came with the radio did not fit, leaving an ugly 1/8" gap all around the faceplate.

I ended up having to file out a larger hole in my center console to get the thing to fit properly.

Hyundai owners beware… Hyundai radio decks are apparently smaller than standard units.

(I’ve since totaled said Hyundai, so if anyone would like to purchase a customized/painted center console to install an aftermarket head unit in an '03-'05 Accent, PM me!)

Owner’s Manual & Installation Manual
Product Page with a youtube video showing iPod controls from last years CES

Yes, as well as Album Art and videos (plus it has iTunes Tagging) with a cable sold separately (CD-IU50V)and only with 5th Gen and newer iPods + iPhones.

You can just use a 3.5mm male to male cable for just audio with any MP3 player.

video’s give a good idea what to expect.



[]Front CD/DVD
]Front SD Card
[]Front 3.5mm audio
]Front USB (Full iPod controls require Pioneer cable sold separately)
[]Rear Wired Remote (steering wheel)
]Rear Microphone (for Bluetooth)
[]Rear Wired Remote
]Rear Audio(3.5mm)/Video(RCA) x1
[*]Rear Video(RCA) for rear-view camera only

Output (all in the rear of the deck)
[]4V RCA Preouts x3
]Audio(3.5mm)/Video(RCA) x1
[*]Standard 4ch leads from internal amp[/list]
There is also a cable to the separate tuner box(included) which has an antenna out, a RGB port designed specifically for the Navigation unit, and Pioneer’s proprietary IP-Bus port (satellite radio, CD changers, ect.).

It has a wire that leads to your parking break so you can’t play video (except the rear view camera) without the parking break on, but I’m sure you could trick it easily so passengers can watch. You can have it switch to the rear view camera automatically when you put your car in reverse by hooking a wire from the deck to your reverse tail lights wire.

It looks like Bluetooth is only for phone calls.

There is no Bluetooth Stereo.

I dont think so woot. Same price with Free shipping on Newegg. Woot you will have to do much better than this.