Pioneer Inno Portable XM Satellite Radio and 1GB MP3 Player

LOL at description.

meh, looks ok but I’d rather have more GB than that.

It’s a great deal… but don’t forget about the $12.95 a month.

Not a thought. I’m in. Been seeing these on other DOD sites waiting till they hit under 99 Bucks.

Thank you woot!

KevinD swears by these.

merger needs to happen so i can pick and choose the handful of XM stations that I wish I had some commutes

If you have XM, why would you need an MP3 player?

does this need an antenna in the car?

Sirius or bust.

Seriously. Or SIRIUSly…roflroflrofl.

XM is awesome. it’s worth the price.

Are there adapters that make it play through your car’s stereo speakers?

If only this was for Sirius and not XM… till next time woot… :slight_smile:

If I thought it would work with sirius signals after the merger I’d buy one.

does anyone really use XM radio?.. i only do the online sirius thing cuz I got a free year from my friend… what’s the big deal about it anyways?.. p.s. i did the linkage thing… comparison shopping lists abound.

If it was for sirius, Id buy twelve

It will as much as the sirius radios will work with XM signals of today. They both will work. (called simulcasting)

I have XM in my work vehicle and Sirius in my personal vehicle…I like XM MUCH better…

Sirius has NASCAR… XM has what is left of the IRL.

I have one. Yes you will need to add an external antenna. Also have to purchase a ‘car kit’ to activate the fm modulator.

I’ve used my Helix for audio books. It’s nice to have the options.