Pioneer Inno2 Portable XM Satellite Radio & 1GB MP3 Player


if i didn’t have one sitting on my desk right now, i’d so be in.

Pioneer Inno2 Portable XM Satellite Radio & 1GB MP3 Player
$69.99 + $5 shipping

1 Pioneer Inno2BK Portable XM Satellite Radio & 1GB MP3 Player

Can I use my car’s subscription to use this device or I have to sign up for whole new subscription? It would nice if I can use existing membership and fee to use this device. Does anyone know?

I think everyone is still watching the wootoff…

You can transfer your sub to the inno or you can add it to your account for 7 dollars a month.


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You can use your existing account, but will have to pay an additional $6 per month for each additional unit. I believe you will have to pay an activation fee as well

Details on getting 50% off on service:

-Activate service by calling 1-800-XM-RADIO.

-Request the $77/yr rate - be sure to mention the code “ZWINBACK”.

-If the rep denies the deal to you, just hangup and call back…It’s never taken me more than one try.

-Sometimes, if you ask nicely, they’ll waive the $10 activation fee too.

-Also, in some cases, if you offer to leave your credit card number on file with them, they may give you another $12.95 off! (Otherwise it’s $155/yr + activation fee of $10).

Thank you for the great information!

Alright! With this bad boy I can finally get some music out in the middle-of-no-where while camping!

This is great place to get info. The best forum… I think!

I think this is for the car kit only not including the receiver if I am not mistaken…

Yeah. My bad.

Haha, I can’t take all the credit, I got it off of fat wallet or orbit cast or one of those things… Whenever I buy anything, I always enter (item’s name/website name) + coupon/promo code…etc into Google and save enough money to offset gas prices!

does anyone know how long XM has the rights to NHL games? Isnt sirius taking over the rights soon?

At $75 bucks… is it worth its weight in gold?

you have to add it to your account. I pay 19.95 a month for 2 radios. Hopfully prices won’t go up when they merge with unserirus. XM forever

XM has NHL, MLB, NCAA BB and NASCAR for the good old boys The merge has been announced between XM and Sirus. I prefer XM. GO WINGS