Pioneer Inno2 Portable XM Satellite Radio & 1GB MP3 Player

Hmm at this product.

pass on the refurb

hmmm maybe

will this be affected by the merger?

refurbish RockZorz

wootoff killed…hope there are only 2 of these

I would wait to get something like this–it was just announced that Sirius has bought XM.

Poop? Or not?

hey, at least the speakers are gone…

ha…good day to choose to sell this one.

on 1?

Is that a radio or a walkie-talkie?

huh? no thanks


do u have to purchase an XM subscription too?
edit…have to read.

Thank woot the speakers are gone.

my pink one works great, i love XM

this woot-off sucks so far