Pioneer Speaker Base TV Audio System

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Pioneer Speaker Base TV Audio System
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“Outstanding” review over at cnet

Our TV is hanging up but we have a entertainment center underneath it with all our gaming consoles/router/modem set up. I’m guessing I could place this on there, how long is the cable? I’d say I’d need about 2 in a half feet to make it reach.

Wondering on the quality of these, we bought a well rated speaker bar here about a year in a half ago and the thing started crapping out after the 90 day warranty. Don’t want to get burned again, but the TV speakers do suck compared to a nice speaker bar or setup.

Amazon price: $299.00 or $296.00 fulfilled by amazon from 3rd party.

4 stars from 18 reviewers.

Chances are this doesn’t come with a cable- so you need to provide the cable. This unit only has two choices: optical, and analog (old school left and right connections).

You won’t have a problem finding a cable but you need to make sure your TV has one of these two outputs.

I noticed it does come with an optical cable. It doesn’t specify the length- but it is a standard cable and you can buy a longer one if needed.

what is the maximum weight of the tv you can put on top of this. I don’t know if it is
weight or size of stand I have a 60" vizio

I own a similar style sound bar from a different maker. It is very nice to be able to put s Tv on top of the sound bar. It’s very convenient for smaller spaces.

Does the blutooth feature mean that there is an input for blutooth to the soundbar from the TV, or that the soundbar will connect to blutooth devices as an output? I need to use this with blutooth headphones if it’s possible.

If you are still listening to your TV through it’s crappy speakers, this will be a nice upgrade. I have all of my flat panels wall mounted, and put a Sony stereo receiver in each room, and play them through large Advent speakers. Make watching TV a lot more enjoyable with good quality sound.

Based on reading through the manual

the Bluetooth connectivity enables Bluetooth devices to be a source for the speakers

Per the specs…

TV Size Support: Up to 55"

I need to get home and measure the space where this would go… I don’t think 32" will work for me. Too wide. Hope I’m wrong.

Thats a little vague… my 50" plasma weighs more than most 60" LED sets.

True, btI doubt the weight is the real issue. I’d be more concerned with the width of the TV stand.

Has anyone hooked this up to a TiVo and programmed the TiVo “peanut” volume controls to control this?

I guess if I don’t drive this from the TV, then I will have to turn it on and off separately from the TV, right? That’s sub-optimal. I’d really like to control every-day operation through the TiVo remote.

I have one from a different maker and it works fine to control from TiVo Peanut. The speaker I have, ZVOX, also powers down after inactivity, and turns on reliably when TV is turned on. All thru the optical cable, mind you, but supposed to work the same with RCA.

Just setup the TiVo to control the TV, then the sound is “taken over” by the base speaker.

I think your 60" Vizio will be supported fine. The 60" Vizio E-series only weighs 53#, and the footprint of the stand doesn’t appear to be that big where it won’t fit.

This speaker is a colossus, measuring 28 inches wide (71cm), a significantly tall 4.75 inches (12cm) and 16 inches (41cm) deep. While Pioneer doesn’t specify a weight limit for the TVs it supports, the company specifies that it “accommodates most TVs 55 inches and smaller” and that you should allow “at least 1 inch [2.5cm] of clearance surrounding the stand.” The stand of the 83.8-pound (38kg) Panasonic TC-P55ST60 fit without issue, and yet despite the higher-than-average weight, the middle support foot still didn’t touch the table.

I followed your link and it’s $229.99 with free shipping.