Pioneer Speaker Base TV Audio System

You don’t program the remote to control the speaker base. You program the speaker base to recognize your existing remote. So, once the speaker base knows your TV “ON” command, it will turn on when you turn the TV on, and so forth for off, vol +/-, etc.

And in case it’s not clear, that should also hold for your TiVo or other remote.

Interesting, you are correct. It seems one 3rd market seller has lowered it’s price to that point (as that was not the seller listed this morning with the lowest price). And even Amazon has lowered it’s price considerably since this morning.

How about that. The mothership is even attempting to pull a few sales from it’s step child Woot.

It means that you can connect devices with Bluetooth output (re: phone, tablet) and it will play through the pioneer speaker. I’m not sure if I have heard of a TV with Bluetooth output so I can not comment on that.

Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn.
I have 29" to fill. This would’ve been perfect if just a little smaller.

My tv doesn’t have the optical cable hookup. Is this system still compatible??

Yes, if it has L+R stereo outputs

Will the sound quality be compromised ?

Actually see it there for $229.99 - brand spankin’ new!

Well, maybe 5%, compared to a TV with an optical output. But compared to your TV speakers, it’s going to be a metric buttload better. So if you want that last 5%, buy a new TV.

Anybody else experiencing sound cut out for 2-3 seconds at a time after hooking up with the optical cable provided? I saw one other report of this on the Amazon site and now mine is doing it.