Pioneer Steel Wheels Stereo Headphones

What are the size of these cans

Had a pair best ever!!!

What exactly is passive sound isolation and how does it work?


Wow … the frequency response is better than my $80 sennheisers!

$55 on Amazon…

I’ll ask the difficult question. These babies any good?

I’m likin’ that 5hz bottom.

Product website!

Next cheapest is $39 on bing

as much as i love my music, i can’t see myself using these everyday.
college student on the go that listens to music everydayto and from class. i use some el cheapo earbuds that need to be replaced every 4 months or so

favorable review and $80 at this website:

Someone has to ask…

Compatible with Linux 2.6 kernel?

Do these have volume control?

Stick your fingers in your ears. That is the oldest form of “passive sound isolation”.

HINT: Don’t fall for gimmicky sales talk.

5-28kHz is claimed, but what is the actual +/- 3db range?

This seems like a good price. They are $80.00 at B&H. One review, 5 starts. Only con is “The build quality feels a little cheap”.

It’s a fancy way of saying they block outside sound by covering your ears. Other things that feature passive sound isolation include earplugs, earmuffs, your palms (when pressed over your ears), your fingers (when stuck in your ears), and excessive earwax.

The description says they’ve got 40mm drivers.