Pioneer Steel Wheels Stereo Headphones

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Pioneer Steel Wheels Stereo Headphones
$24.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I need some good running headphones…


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Ugh, cant believe i got these last time they where on. Nowhere near this price :confused:

should waited…

Were not these for sale last week, during a traditional woot daily sale, for this price? Where’s the woot-off factor here?

do people really use these huge things anymore?

At home sperm count test is next!

Edit: Oh come on, woot filters! That’s just silly.

I bought these the last time they were on Woot. I have to I say I think they suck. They have really good deep bass levels but really weak mid and high levels. Not worth the $25

Hey…wait just a minute here…

I am starting to think these so called “woot-off’s” are just a sneaky way to re-sell the old crap we didn’t buy before!!!

I’ve got my eye on you woot…

Just had yet another pair of earbuds break yesterday. Timing!

Yes, “buds” put out terrible sound compared to these “huge things”

Can I still hear my smoke detectors with these on?

It’s the exact same price as before

Same price on 4/28. They’re meh.

Apparently you’ve never listened to a pair of Ultimate Ears 10 Pro Headphones.

Mif I mwazznt deaf I moould buy 3

Have you used any pair of “buds” over 30 dollars from a semi-respectable brand?

I bought some last time. Wouldn’t want to pay more than $20 for them. super bassy.