Pioneer Steel Wheels Stereo Headphones

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Pioneer Steel Wheels Stereo Headphones
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Are these any good?

Hopefully theres time to find out.

I need something that streams Netflix through iTunes, will this work?

Do you have a son or nephew who is “street” or “thug”?

If so, he can wear these and pretend he’s a “DJ” and be “hip” and or “jiggy with it.”

Tell him they cost $99, and are the same inside as those things Dr. Pepper endorses. Or is it Dr. Quinn? Dr. Who? Dang it, now I’ve got and crunked my own brain.

“Silver or Black? Don’t worry, if you pick the wrong one, your music will drown out their laughter.”


Well, black is gone already… so that narrows things down a bit.

Star Wars headphones on kids woot look cooler.

I bought these the last time Woot had them. They are great.

I bought a pair of these previously on woot. They sound great to me. The only issue I have is they don’t cover the ear completely and after being worn for awhile my ears begin to hurt from them.

good reviews on amazon…im in for one. im in need of some headphones.

These are pretty good for $20. I got some one of the last times Woot had them and both my wife and I love them. I was hoping to get another pair, but black is already sold out? Lame.

Stuck in The Middle With You.

Oh, wait…that’s Stealers Wheel!


Amazon reviews seem to say you don’t want to buy these if you’re looking for quality sound…

i had just said something about how i needed headphones when the last item was up and this comes up right away…weird. I bought a black pair of course.

I feel like woot needs to kick it back into warp speed… like how it was from 2am-4am. I can’t hope for a B0C much longer.

I bet you they programed the item list to hold off on the BOC every time it’s mentioned in the forums.

But I like a something unexpected surprise!
I wonder if he picked the ‘.us’ domain to try to “blend in”?

$35-$50 over at Amazon.

Reviews are 4/5 stars on 5 reviews. Complaints were product wasn’t ‘high end quality.’ This cheap you shouldn’t expect your Dre’s Beats, but they seem solid.

he’s just begging for a good hard Tattle…