Pioneer STEEZ Duo Portable Music System w/ iPod Dock

STEEZ? Nuts!

I’m wary of anything with “D10T” in the name. It’s an old IT practice to say a user is experiencing an ID-10T Error when the tech means that the user is an idiot.

So if we buy one of these, what does it make us?

Amazon has decent reviews.

If this had lightning instead of 30 pin I’d pick one up. Oh well!

I liked the YouTube review from Utah’s #1 Pop Locker -

Only discontinued Ipod?

No radio? No cd? No cassette? No 8 track?

It’s as useless as my Betamax.

anyone else really tired of how crappy the customer service is here at woot. I bought one of these and when i logged in for some reason i somehow or the site somehow added a second one to my cart. I realized this when i pressed checkout and noticed a way bigger total. But the order went through. I emailed tech support, and they never got back to me. Now I have two of these and they haven’t responded. I am really disappointed with woot customer service. It sucks. How can it be owned by Amazon? They have great service. Can someone tell me how i send this second one back. Why would i need two?

Sorry you haven’t heard back. I’ve sent your info along; you should get a reply soon.