Pioneer Surround Elite Atmos Speaker System

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Pioneer Surround Elite Atmos Speaker System
Price: $399.99
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Why do you advertise to me something that you won’t ship to me in Hawaii?
Quit wasting my time and whetting my appetite for things that can only be received on the mainland.

I’d shed a tear for you but it would immediately freeze to my face given it’s 4 degrees with high winds here in the mainland.

I’m sorry about that. Yeah, only shirt ships to HI. I’ll mention this to our marketing team.

Reviews look great. Anyone have real life experience on these?

The specs say “FireConnect”, the description says “FlareConnect”. Huh?

Supposedly FireConnect works well and supports Google Cast. Can anyone confirm this for this model?

Serious question, as I’m curious: Amazon must ship to HI; why can’t Woot work out something to open up that market for yourselves? Sure, the shipping charge may be higher, but Hawaiians are used to that.

Just askin.’

If you need something that’s essentially a receiver, then why have a sound bar? I thought the value proposition of a sound bar was that all the amplification was built in. I’d rather have a true 5.1 setup with a real receiver.

Same question, but for Alaska instead. Why won’t you ship to Alaska for an increased shipping fee?

Different application for me. My dedicated home theater has wired behind the walls 7.2 but the masters and the guest rooms just need whatever wireless application within a given price range.

hello! Just heard back from the vendor.

It should say FlareConnect. We’ll get that fixed.

The speaker system does support Chromecast built-in.
More info

It looks like it doesn’t support the Amazon Firestick yet though.

Hope that helps.

A similar comment: Can a sound bar really give a better audio experience than separate speakers? Maybe in a small room (?), but for larger rooms isn’t speaker separation important. If I’m in error with this and a new technology changes things, I’d like to know. Can anyone chime in with a comparison of the Atmos system with a 7.1 or even a 5.1 system in a living room sized room?

Do not fear. I am able to provide you with an amazing service. Simply have the item shipped to my address that is in the 48 and book a first class open ended round trip e-ticket in my name on any major airline and I will HAND DELIVER the item to you the very next day after delivery.
Now that’s service!

I don’t think soundbars were created to compete with true 5.1, etc. I think they are alternative solutions to those who prefer an easier (cheaper and not much wiring) solution to today’s flat screens that are no longer designed for audio entertainment.

Hello. Has anyone had any real world experience with this model? I am considering this for my bedroom. If I am really daring, I’ll replace my 5.1 surround system in my living room. It’s only 12 feet from my TV to my back room in my living room. I don’t know if that makes this a viable system in that scenario.

I understand that a soundbar is necessary for some people, but my problem with them is the assertion that they deliver a sound experience that rivals or is even better than separate speakers. I admit that I have not had an experience with the Atmos system. That’s why I would like someone who has to give their evaluation of the sound experience.

I disagree with that assertion as well.

Real Atmos (not soundbar Atmos) is enjoyable but in my experience, not a night and day improvement over a quality 5.1 or 5.2. I’m sure others will chime in.

I have a soundbar for my living room and a 5.1 for my basement. As others have said, a soundbar is not really meant to be better than a dedicated home theater system. It’s really just meant to be an improvement over your TV speakers.

The advantage of a soundbar, is that you get a pretty cheap all in one set up, and its compact. No wires, no hassle. It’s for people who don’t want to deal with a more expensive, and more involved home theater system.

The advantage of a home theater system is that it just sounds better in every way. There’s no comparison.

That’s exactly what I thought…Thanks