Arrrrr, Mateys! Come aboard and buy ye some shirts!

NEW WOOT PLUS SALE? On a Monday night? Aie! On a Sunday, I plan for this kind of thing: extra rows in the spreadsheets, ready to search and copy and paste… Otherwise, it’s sheer luck if I catch opening numbers.

Opening Numbers
Battle of the Bottles (Is this a new shirt?!?)
Music Pirate 6215
Pirate Exercise 3803
You Are A Pirate! 3092
Say No to Scurvy 7463
Survival Tracking Guide 3307

Edit: This is the first offering of Say No to Scurvy on a hoodie, yes? Just an apron before this? And is this substituting for the woot-off shirt sale? (I know, I know: it would just make my life a lot easier if I knew because I have two doctors’ appointments tomorrow.)

just got scurvy in the random sale!

I knew I’d been craving oranges for a reason!

And, unrelatedly, I’m sure, happy Talk Like A Pirate Eve.

Argh, I like the “Say no to Scurvy,” but I’m still waiting for “Finding Technicolor” to come back. Woot-doG, are you there? I’ve been waiting so long.

Also, here’s a sad joke for you guys to enjoy:

Q: Why did the pirate buy an eyepatch?

A: Because he didn’t have enough money for an iPad!!!

can we get these in long sleeves - i have prate radio in short already but would love it in long since the weather is changing

I’m still waiting for the Argh-yle shirt to come back.

And thanks for the reminder for TLaP day. I always forget. Argh.

Surprised the winner of the actual pirate derby isn’t here. Bought it a size too large and so I only ever wear it when doing yarrrrd work.

By the way, smart move on the darkening of Say No To Scurvy, Woot! I know the best shirt site out there has a good eye for design, and subtle moves like this (shirt is fine in kelly, hoodie not so much) confirm it.

Does anyone have a pic of You Are A Pirate! in women’s sizes being worn? I wonder if it might be too much of a good thing to add curves to it. :wink:

Word I’ve been waiting since these shrit.woot redux things started for a Say No to Scurvy hoodie! It was my very first shirt from s.w. evar.

ayeee. size small women’s.

If I wear a Large American Apparel what size should I get this t-shirt in?

How could they forget about “ARRgyle” from back in the day. I got that in a random shirt deal.

Only one non-shirt offering? I am perplexed, Woot.

Still, excited to see Music Pirate back and also snatched up You are a Pirate (thanks to the person who posted a picture of it actually on a lady!)

Mens? The sizes are similar, you should be good with a large anvil again. Slightly less fitted, but close.

If womens, you probably want to go down to a medium in the anvils (possibly even a small, but check dimensions).

Haha, oh that technicolor one is awesome! I cast my vote for bringing that one back too :slight_smile:

I was wearing an XL in the women’s AA and am now wearing a M in the new cut. You might even have to go down to small depending on how fitted you want your shirt to be.

Yeah men’s, sorry. So stick with Large then.