Piro Piro Piccolo Pinot Grigio (4)

Piro Piro Piccolo Pinot Grigio 4-Pack
$67.99 $̶1̶1̶3̶.̶0̶0̶ 40% off List Price
2012 Piro Piro Piccolo Pinot Grigio, Santa Barbara County
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Previous offer:

Wife enjoyed the 2010 quite a bit. I wonder how this compares…

Price wise there’s a significant difference. The 2010 was offered at 12.50 a bottle shipped. This offer for the 2012 is $20 a bottle shipped.

My CT notes from the 2010 vintage:

Color: Light straw
Nose: Pears, green apples, grass
Palate: Lemon/Lime citrus peel (more lemon than lime), stone fruits, hints of grapefruit and white pepper. Almost viscous mouthfeel, a bit flabby in the middle but decent acidity slowly dominates the medium/long finish.

Hey, I remember these, got a 1/2 case and still have some I’ve been hoarding. Didn’t take good notes then, well, or now either, but the comments I have noted from all I’ve shared with were quite positive with a comment get more next time. But yikes, $13 to $20 delivered; that’s huge, a ~50% increase and I know inflation hasn’t been anywhere near that high.

Been checking every hour or so since early this morning, expecting TT or one of the other MODS to post a price cut. Based on notes from previous sale I would consider a buy if the price were in line with the previous sale (~$13 shipped). At the current price, it’s a pass.

My notes on the 2010
From 11/5/2011

served at 50 deg F
Color is light yellow, nose is green apple and tart citrus,
On the tongue its heavy for a PG and feels more like a light chard.

Has good acid and a good finish.
Recommended around $10-15 a bottle




Agree, this was good QPR at the previous price. At the new price, I’m not so sure.

It’s a 45.7% increase per undelivered bottle, but for us in CA land 61% per delivered bottle.

Oops, I divided the previous price by the current price instead of dividing the previous price by the difference between the two. I should have noticed the misplaced decimal point in my result. You’re right it’s a 45.67% increase before tax/ship.

Still expensive, in comparison. And we’re talking about the price, not the wine, also not good, unfortunately.

Not that I am in the market, but if I were, $20.00 a bottle for a Pinot Grigio is about $8.00 more than I would ever pay for any Pinot Grigio. There are just too many $20.00 wines that offer much more bang for the buck.


Ended up getting the last offering of this, and really enjoyed it (may still have a bottle stashed away).

The last offer included two more bottles for the same price though.

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