I have spent enough money on woot and passed on the great deals to my friends. I just received my one calendar bag of crap and was pretty dissapointed… I will no longer support this site cuz I just got screwed…hope you all don’t


you’re mad because of a calendar?


Are the calendars missing some days?


//sets fire to wilkyd


Should burn well, all that paper…


ummm, maybe you should read the product description a little more closely before you buy the item(s) next time…

“Don’t confuse this “Random Crap” sale with one of our sometime “Bag of Crap” events. For one thing, no bag is included. Instead, your calendar(s) will ship in one of our standard product transit units. That’s Woot warehouse lingo for a box.”

It might save you $6 and some frustration. [:)]


I didn’t even get a box, just a big shipping envelope.

You got real stuff and it was OK, but the dollar calander made you mad?

I think everyone who has posted at all today must be permenstrual. Even the guys.
That would explain everything. [y]


not me! i’m feeling fine! [:D]


Wow, can you imagine the road rage if one should accidently cut him off?


I got an extra calendar in my crap. PM me if you want it.


wow, youre quite the little pyromaniac aren’t ya?


Yeah, but he’s our little pyromaniac!! [;)]


Does this post make me look fat?

runs away to cry


damn . . . I just snorted beer out my nose!!! LMAO


Ughmm… you’re welcome?


Cheaper than Afrin and twice as effective!!!



Where have you been? You expect Gman to keep us entertained all by himself? That is too much work for one guy!


He is the best!


No, but do my teeth look dull?!??!?! :frowning:


I hear petroleum jelly works.