Pissfest Anonymous



Same here.


Well, y’all came to the wrong side of town if’n ya wanted to be left alone. Pokin’, and pickin’ and messin’ is what we does best!

Name yer poison – would you like to be criticized, corrected grammatically, ignored or teased? We have a special combo-deal this week: any two for the same price.


I’ll take one of the criticism.


I’ll take this one!

Fen you can write better than you do at times and it makes us mad.


I’ve got a headache, a weird nun-aversion, now, and my bowels are bothersome. I just think my body is reacting to the upcoming court case tomorrow, but “nobody’d better mess with me today, boy!!”



I just plain don’t feel good.
Pain in the side from gallbladder and plugged up sinuses and ear canals.
Boy, when you gat to a certain age stuff goes south pretty fast!


My right ear’s bothering me… it’s the outside part… feels very sore like I’ve been wearing those earbud headphones apple sells, but I haven’t worn those in years, because they hurt, so I’m perplexed… this is the second day, so I think I’ll go to a doctor tomorrow since I’m flying Friday


Zit in the ear? Those are horribly painful.

It’s my back that bothers me. Back to decompression again. Reminds me, I need to go do my stretches.


Everyone is old


Everything is just dandy with me today. I thought I’d borrow from someone pissing & moaning on Yammer to start todays piss off going.


I’m so freaking tired. I guess it’s just getting used to getting up early again. I took an hour nap on Monday. Yesterday I took an hour nap (slept hard) and then went to bed at 11pm.





It feels like a Monday today. :confused:


old i say, old


woot cannot fix it so that I can post under Raining. I guess it is gone forever.
Yeah, I am pissed.


That’s a pisser . . .

Am them really yer eyes in yer sig?


no, that is something Josephus did for me in the signature contest.
You saw my picture one morning I posted it for about a minute. Also it is on JF
under Raining.
I prolly will not do good morning post as I have to stay up too late, need to be in bed by midnight. I just want my raining sig back, I need to check my PM’s and delete any old ones. but I cannot get in it and it is not my computer. It is woot. I am being juvenile about this.


you guys are working on Sundays now?


Oh no, who’s Raining then?! Rain911 or Rainings? :scared: