Pixel Phoenix

IMHO it looks too much like sequins. I would probably be in for one if it was the same design, but in an 8-bit theme instead of floating “pixels”

I love this design, it seems especially appropriate for January since it’s a new year, new life, ect.

Whatever, you know what I mean! :stuck_out_tongue:
(poetic 'n stuff)

I like the flowing fire look to this design.

New artists really are allowed to make the top 3.

This is a weird way to do pixel art, feels like the pixel’s are floating.

HOLY COW GUYS! I am sooooo happy! Thank you so much for all your votes!

I don’t trust Woot’s saturation in their printing anymore x__x; I’ve had too many bright vibrant looking shirt designs print blant and dull.

It’s a fun design, and one I’d be interesting in buying, but only if Woot was the Woot of several years ago. :frowning:


Congratulations, eternalwhitemoon! I dig it.
I’m tempted to get this for one of my X-Men loving friends.

All I see is The Predator. Is it just me? Or is that the point?

I think that might be just you. XD

I didn’t see it until you pointed it out… but yeah, I see the predator in there!

Nope, I see it too. He got a haircut and bleached his dreads but he’s there.

If we’re playing the ‘I spy with my little eye’ game, I see Cthulhu.

I also see Cthulhu. That’s actually what I saw before seeing the Phoenix.

I was raised on 8-bit and a part of me is yelling ‘those aren’t pixelllllssss!1!’ and getting red in the face, but it’s always great to see artists get their first print.

The design itself is very well considered, congrats eternalwhitemoon. :^)

Congrats on the print !!!

Grats on your first print moonbeam! Huzzah!
Lovely design-
I want this on the back of a leather jacket - heh

It looks like somone took a pug face and incorporated it into the design.