Pixxo MiniBooMX 2.1 Audio System w/iPod Dock

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Pixxo MiniBooMX 2.1 Audio System w/iPod Dock [New] - $12.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Pixxo MiniBooMX 2.1 Audio System w/ iPod Dock

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ohh I have a droid now…

Product Website


I give up. Time to go study.

Woot, I have a Sansa, not an iPod.

You are failing me.

Work with Iphones?

Is it too much to ask that we have something that docks with a Zune?

“but does not charge.” fail…

The date and time on it are wrong…I’ll pass because I want a clock that works

wow, need three.

Where is my bag of crap?!?!

Can I haz the phantom iPod?

Now they’re just trolling the crap out of us.

6 batteries cost more than the deck, WOOT. Got 3.

Droid FTW! I love mine.

Well, I said it’s all junk. But this…um, er, wait.

looks like it comes with an ipod!!!

if i had a ipod

Almost bought one until I saw

“but does not charge”