Pizootz Peanuts 11-Pack Sampler

Pizootz Flavor Infused Premium Virginia Artisan Peanuts 11-Pack Sampler
$39.99 $66.98 40% off List Price
(1) - SEA SALT & CRACKED PEPPER, 16 oz. Bag
(1) - BAJA TACO, 16 oz. Bag
(1) - BAY SPICE, 1.45 oz. Pouch
(1) - HABANERO, 1.45 oz. Pouch
(1) - BLAZING BUFFALO, 1.45 oz. Pouch
(1) - SEA SALT & CRACKED PEPPER, 1.45 oz. Pouch
(1) - BAJA TACO, 1.45 oz. Pouch
(1) - NEW YORK DILL PICKLE, 1.45 oz. Pouch
(1) - SEA SALT AND VINEGAR, 1.45 oz. Pouch
(1) - SEA SALT, 1.45 oz. Pouch
(1) - JALAPENO, 1.45 oz. Pouch

A bunch of us got to try these at a gathering recently. Wow these are different! Somehow they’ve infused the peanuts with the flavours, made it a nicely balanced combo of peanut and the additional flavour, and then did it all without leaving a messy coating. A rather unique and interesting experience. If these flavours appeal to you, it’s worth giving this a shot.

I’m intrigued…and also hungry. I may have forgotten to eat dinner. Since pushing the big gold button will not make them appear instantly, I will wait to see if any of your fellow “debaters” have additional comments. The flavors sound interesting.

Boy do I feel duped. There’s an EIGHTEEN pack sampler on Amazon for under $35, including shipping.Oh, not only that, but there’s a 10% off code on Amazon for the product using the code MSNUTS10.

Why does Woot fool us like this when it’s own parent company sells MORE of the product for far less.



$14.20 a pound? Pass on these peanuts!

They were very good, and some had completely disappeared!

No messy coating on fingers.

Dear Doh,

Um, you evidently completely missed that two are 16 oz. bags.

So no, this set has more peanuts, not the one on the mothership which only has the 1.45 oz. pouches.

(1) - SEA SALT & CRACKED PEPPER, 16 oz. Bag
(1) - BAJA TACO, 16 oz. Bag

IIRC, the Baja Taco ones were pretty popular.

True, Sparky. Still, the 18 bag 1.45 Oz variety is almost $10 cheaper with the coupon code.


Not sure where you are getting the $10 cheaper. You’re talking under 2 pounds (1.72 lb) vs. under 3 pounds (2.82 lb). So around $18.31 per pound versus $14.18 per pound.

So if you don’t mind paying $4 more per pound, it’s cheaper! :tongue:

Edit: You are spending less, but paying more per pound. So not only is it not cheaper, you are not getting more either.

$67.00 retail for this set of mostly 1.45 oz pouches? Who thought it possible in this universe?


Who in their right mind ranks Brazil nuts above Cashews? I call Shenanigans!

Had the chance to try these about a year ago. I had this sampler and brought it into work for my colleagues. We didn’t care for any of them except for the sea salt because they still tasted like peanuts. Sea salt and cracked pepper were so-so. The idea is great as the flavor is IN the peanut and not sprinkled on the outside (no mess), but the flavors don’t really go with peanuts. Taco flavored peanuts? Pickle flavored peanuts? Pass. FYI - the habanero and jalapeno are very hot.

Don’t even begin to claim these Pizootz don’t have class. I don’t know how they managed to crash a 27-year vertical Corison baller tasting without an invitation, and managed to so without paying the tasting fees! Ha, but they didn’t survive to make it out either.

Seriously tasty. I poo-poo’d them at first until I started nibbling. Call me old fashioned if you will, but the sea salt and pepper was my go to nut, followed closely by the salt/vinegar. Many liked the taco, but it reminded me too much of those crunchy shells from the bell outfit I’m not all that fond of, but all were tasty and well done, and as others have commented, clean on the fingers.

THANK YOU! I came to say the same thing, but you beat me to it.

I’ll also say that I’ve tried a few of these, and they’re actually pretty intriguing. You expect some type of coating, but these look and feel like regular peanuts. Once you start eating, though, the flavors do come out. Sometimes they’re pretty forward like in the Baja Taco, other times they take a few bites to creep up on you (Salt & Pepper), and others are subdued (Dill Pickle).

You get 2 big bags of the popular flavors (Taco and Salt/Pepper), and 9 single-serve bags of all flavors.

Peanuts at $1.00 per oz with shipping :grin::smile::laughing:

Hipster snack’s… :money_with_wings:

These are seriously addicting. the Baja Taco nuts did not last long at all.

these are now a goto snack for tasty good protein.

Pizootz is really proud of their nuts!

Haven’t tried them, just wanted to say that, because I am 12 inside.

RJQ always does better at describing than I do, so I’ll just agree with his review. The range of flavors was a nice change from the usual flavored peanuts and the fact the flavor was infused and not in a powder on the outside (so fingers didn’t get all messy) was a nice change. And yes, just as we pay a premium for a certain amazing special toffee or for various special wines, of course “gourmet” flavored peanuts (that are good) command a bit higher price than unflavored “regular” peanuts.

Oh…and +1 :slight_smile: