Pizootz Peanuts 11-Pack Sampler

Perhaps these are the finest peanuts ever made. Perhaps these were delivered from angels up on high. But let’s do a little math here:

You are getting 45 oz of peanuts here. At $40, this is 89 cents an ounce. If I want to buy some fine Planter’s dry roasted peanuts, these come in at 21 cents per ounce. The upgraded honey roasted planters is the same price.

So, perhaps these peanuts are truly the most amazing legumes ever served 1.45 ounces at a time, but I will skip these “artisan” snacks and stick with “affordable”.

$40 for like 3 lbs of peanuts. Oh woot is it April fools day already? I agree with the other poster. These must be whats served on private jets. Is each one carefully selected and graded by a peanut sommelier?

But what does an ounce of peanuts and a box of Old Bay cost?

-Just what I need for my Artisan Elephant.

-$39.95 + shipping ain’t peanuts

-I was going to donate to hurricane relief, but this is such a good deal.

Pick any comment.

I pick

This cracked me up!