Pizza: Bake The Food Of Mythic Heroes

How in the world does one eat a pizza cone? It looks like it would be a very messy endeavor.

How wide/deep is the stainless pizza peel? I need the dimensions without the handle included. Can it lift and place a 16"-18" pizza into an oven or would I be better served buying the wooden one?

Depth not sure but with the handle folded it’s 10" wide & 15.75 long. I would bet that wouldn’t be ideal for a 16-18" pizza.

What size is the perfect pizza stone across?"

Whoever buys one should post a video

What is the diameter of the pizza stone that comes with the cutter and server?

It looks delicious!!! I ordered 3 sets but wished I could have ordered more …I am keeping at least 1 set for me. hey I’ve been good …lol.

Heh- Just in time, too- my ‘good’ pizza circle cutter is too messed up to try and re-grind back to sharp. In for a pizza rocker, and a square stone- handy for square pizzas and other baked goods.

I am feeling very skeptical about this idea of extra finely ground pizza flour–that sounds like BS to me. I’m one of those people who includes fresh-ground, and slightly larger grind, whole wheat as a matter of course. Overly fine pizza dough is unworthy.

Is this the same pizza stone with cutter and server? If so, it’s 15" in diameter…

Not getting any but had to know…

Pizza Cone Video

It is no pizza in a cup

About that 14.5" (x17.1 inch) glazed pizza stone. It says 1" high. It’s not really 1" thick, is it? Seems like that might take quite a while to heat up. It looks more like 1/2". Perhaps it’s only 1" high at the handles? Also, what are those handles made of? Are they part of the stone, as in it’s all one piece, or are they some how adhered to it? That’s a great size and being dark like that is a plus, as it won’t show all the burn marks from sauce and cheese that inevitably stain the pizza stone over time.

I think I’m going to have to do a little Internet research on that badboy. It looks great, but I’m wonder if the glazed surface will get me the same type of crust I’ve been getting from the ceramic stone that I currently have (and that my wife recently broke by setting heavy pans on top of it in the oven). Actually, I don’t know what my stone is made of, but I’m guessing it some type of ceramic. Definitely doesn’t look like terra cotta, but I have had a terra cotta stone in the past and those work great.

Anybody know if pizza stones made of different stuff will get you the same type of yummy, crispy crust?

And for the guy wondering about that folding metal pizza peel. I’ve seen that in person and I wouldn’t trust that to lift my pizzas. It is somewhat flexible. My first thought when I saw it was, “hell no!” Wood all the way. Finding one big enough to build an 18" pizza may be impossible, though. You may have to made one yourself or have one custom made. I always build my pizzas on the peel and I imagine that’s pretty much the only way you can do it, because if you’re building it on another surface, sliding something under it without disturbing the pizza would be very difficult, and even more, you need to dust the peel with corn meal to make the built pizzas able to slide onto the stone. Any corn would just be pushed off, if you needed to slide the peel under a pizza that has been built on another surface.

Anybody ever use those handles on the pizza stones or pizza stone racks to carry their pizza out of the oven? I always leave the stone in the oven and slide the peel under the pizza and bring it out that way. I use a wooden peel, which is ideal for serving and cutting the pizza on. I wouldn’t want to ruin a good pizza wheel or knife by cutting the pizza on a hard stone surface. Plus, if you serve it on the stone, doesn’t the stone just keep on cooking the pizza for a longer, even after it’s already done and out of the oven? Also, doesn’t that 500+ degree stone burn the table or whatever surface you’re setting it down on? Those handles always seemed pointless to me.

Great price on the pizza peel…it’s $20 on Ammy.
Snagged a pizza peel (for artisan breads and cake decorating) and socks, what better way to say ‘Happy Holidays’ than pizza and socks?

It depends on what you are trying to make. I can’t get my oven hot enough to make real Neapolitan pizza, of course, but I have used 00 flour and a combination of 00 and AP, and it makes a nice, soft dough that I can get very very thin and still cook in only seven minutes in a 500 degree oven. 00 is the standard.

Whole wheat doesn’t work for me at all. You must make a thick pizza crust. I can’t get whole wheat dough anywhere close to thin enough because the bran cuts it up. I want to be able to see light through my dough after stretching and tossing.

I had a 15"x17" rectangle once and loved it. But accidentally put it on a burner not quite cooled, and it cracked. Have not seen another one of this more practical size. Seems like 12"x15" is the common size. Too small for family size pizza. All of these are. Bummer.

Does anyone know if the Pizzacraft PC0005 8" Round Ceramic Mini Baking/Pizza Stones Set can be used on an outdoor gas grill? The photo shows them on a grill (I think), but the description doesn’t specify. Some of the other pizza stones specifically state whether they are indoor oven only or grill safe.

I did a little bit of searching, and I can’t find a site that specifies ‘grill’ compatibility. However, on Amazon and Sears, Grill Set is part of the product title. Additionally, the other sites I looked at had photos of grill AND oven use.

Having broken one pizza stone before, I’m tempted by the cast iron pan. I’m assuming that leads to similar results? Would a peel still be helpful? I’m looking at the lip on that pan and wondering how best one would put the raw dough in…