Pizza Beach Ball

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Pizza Beach Ball
Price: $4.99
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Condition: Tossing the Pizza


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How does one refurbish a beach ball? Who returns a beach ball for refurbishment? I have so many questions.

SOOOOO many balls…

I may be noticing a trend of some sort here…

Patched holes with more pepperonis, obviously.

Sadly, my wife doesn’t like mushrooms on her pizza ball, so I’m screwed.

Some of the pepperoni slices fell off so it gets sent back to add more on. Also, the cheese starts to smell after a while.

Woot: Going balls out.

I think I know what’s next: PIZZA LADDER!

Unsure why they had to ruin the pizza balls with olives and mushrooms on them. BLEH!


You mean ruined it with the Pepperoni?