pizza Pizza PIZZA *PIZZA*

Jumbalaya (done right).

Anyone try the pizza cones? they certainly look interesting.

I have a question about the deep dish pizza 3 piece set. On the mother site, it says it’s an upside down set? I’m very curious about this. You put all the toppings in the pan and then flip it over? Hmm…additional top-browning must be required after flipping. Is this set 2 pizza pans and one cutter? It looks like a pizza pan and a lid for some reason. Thanks in advance for setting me straight…again.

Here’s a bit more info on their site.

I think you’re right.

UPDATE: The sale has been tweaked to make it more clear.

What are the dimensions for the pizza rolling pin?

According to Amazon:

Product Dimensions: 2 x 18.6 x 2 inches ; 1 pounds

Pizza cones look like a recipe for a burned mouth.

Wooot, woot, please have this sale again.

I foolishly lived life yesterday, didn’t check Woot, and missed this sale. I’m so sad. I really wanted a couple of the sold out items. Offer them again and I promise I will stay glued to my laptop forever.

Darn! Missed the pizza peel again! Sigh.