Pizza World

Having thought about what to say, only conclusion I can come to is that living on – or under a pepperoni pizza could not possibly lead to either tectonic stability or world longevity.

I got elated and sad all at the same time. Rest in peace Terry and Don.

Thanks a ton woot!

Are you referring to the unfortunate incident with Donatello and the hammer? That was brutal. Also, it sucks that we lost Terry Pratchett. I just started reading Small Gods and it’s great.

Pizza and turtles what more could you ask for.

Oh wow Knew about the one + just looked up the other – darn the non cartoony grimness of comics. I thought this seemed a very specifically weird mix.

This is the first shirt in a long time that I’ve been interested in buying. Too bad the quality has gone down the drain and my Woot! shirts just don’t hold up any more.

Tote. Toooooooooooote!

Rad & Cool design, Radscoolian

Four turtles and one rat > one turtle and four rats.

Rats, of course.

It’s Splinter’s extended family.

Or cats! I could add it to the two pizza cat shirts I just got. That everyone loves I might add. lol

Great A’Tuin, Berilia, Tubul, Great T’Phon, & Jerakeen would appreciate this, I am sure! I bet even Sir Terry, and Death are smiling.

I only wish I could buy this right this moment, but alas… rent/bills/food… not pizza, tho. Heh. I hope it is available later, for purchase! Thank you, seriously, for this one. (now I have the TMNT theme song stuck in my head)

A new pizza delivery system! Can he do it in 30 minutes or less? And a great design for a pizza stone too. I’m in for the hoodie.

Yes, but what is the turtle standing on?

Quite brilliant.

See the turtle of enormous girth
On his shell he holds the … pizza?

Pepperoni all the way down.