Pizzacraft Stovetop Pizza Oven

Pizza pizza!

3.5 stars at the mothership, concerns of quality and whether it gets to the desired temperature. Some really like it. $104.95
Product website fewer complaints: $179.99
Here, $82.99. Note: you have to buy a pizza peel on your own.
Also, the companion assembly video:

I’ve had one of these of about 6 months now . . . Works exactly as advertised. A few notes:

  1. Make sure that you have a gas stove . . . It will not work on an electric hob (burner).

  2. This thing gets ungodly hot (over 600F) . . . If you have young kids make sure they know not to get to close . . . We let our young daughter put the toppings on her own pizza. . . Because of that she sometimes wants to get closer to this device than the standard pan on the stove.

  3. Get a peel or some other way of getting the pizza in and out of the pizzacraft. The oven can be over 600 degrees (yes I know I keep saying that…most people rarely cook at over 400F on their stovetop or in their conventional oven…at 600F the right tools and safety are even more important) . . . I had a peel that was too big, I ended up ordering the pizzacraft peel that is made to fit in the pizzacraft oven . . . Saved lots of fiddling with a metal turner (pancake ‘spatula’) which ended up burning my fingers and spilling toppings onto the pizza stone that’s part of the oven. Don’t use plastic utensils unless you want to know what molten plastic smells like.

  4. Get a peel of some other way of getting the pizza in and out of the oven (part 2). Halfway through cooking, you will need to rotate the pizza 180 degrees. This isn’t a kludge . . . I’ve worked with chefs that use a professional wood fired pizza oven. Their pizzas cook in under 2 minutes and they rotate them every 30 seconds. Otherwise the back of the pizza burns before the front is done. The pizzacraft oven is similar. It requires a single 180 degreee rotation halfway through cooking.

  5. If you make your own crust, invest in coarse cornmeal to keep the dough from sticking. This is what the pizza restaurants use and I found out why the hard way. Flour or finely milled cornmeal will burn on the stone at the high temperatures this oven operates at.

It can take 20 minutes to come to temperature, but this is still faster than preheating a pizza stone in a conventional home oven. If you get this oven to 650F or so, you can cook a thin crust pizza in about 4 minutes. We invite the whole neighborhood over for pizza parties… all the kids make their own pizzas and I’m slinging them in and out of the oven every 4 minutes. You can make a lot of pizzas in a short time with this oven.

It’s the closest thing to a thin crunchy European style pizza crust I’ve ever been able to get at home. . . I have a brother that uses a big green egg for pizzas . . . It doesn’t do significantly better, and he has to start a charcoal fire to do what I do on my stovetop.

Are people getting that lazy they can’t bend over and put the item in their oven ,don’t care what your comes backs are ,this country is getting lazy .

It isn’t about “lazy” it’s about baking pizza at the right temperature. Your oven won’t get as hot as 600 degrees F.

Am I the only one who thinks this thing is priced ridiculously high, even at the discounted price?
I can heat my oven a bunch of times for eighty bucks.

You don’t necessarily need 600 degrees. Most ovens will get to 550, which is fine. The important part is the stone, to absorb a lot of heat and release it quickly. If you want a fast pizza from a 550 degree oven, get a cast iron “stone.” They’ll heat up in 30 minutes.

In the end, the means for heating up the cooking surface is less important than the cooking surface. (The dough ingredients are important as well, especially when you’re cooking at temperatures lower than 800 degrees…)

Surprise! We lowered the price of this item. If you’ve already ordered it- don’t worry! Your extra money will be headed back your way soon.

Is it a pizza before or after it comes out of the Pizzacraft Stovetop Pizza Oven?

The better question is: Is pizza a sandwich?