Turtle snot rocket.

Finish him!

Errrr it! Yeah, the pizza!

That is one sick looking pizza.

Oops! One too many fingers on each hand!

Pepperoni and/or melting mini asteroids seem to be present as toppings; I’m sold.

Pizza delivery, Turtle Style!

Has there been a Turtles Street Fighting game since the SNES era?

Looks good. I like it. My Nephew (5) LOVE’S the Turtles , but his favorite is the Blue one , so i was a bit hesitant on buying this one! But like it anyway! :slight_smile:

This makes me think of the consequences of eating old/bad pizza. Cause that’s what it feels like.

You know what I mean.

I like that game, but the developers were lazy and four of the characters are just palette swapped copies-

:smiley: Nice design- high on the silly side!

Love the idea, but ugh…not a fan of the art style or colors at all.

Anyone expecting a garlic roll wrapped in a calzone wrapped in a pizza based on the name? No? Just me?

See, now I like the turtles, I do, but this shirt just doesn’t make any sense.
There is NO WAY any of them would ever throw a pizza (if that is what that thing is) AWAY from themselves.
Just not gonna happen.



That was my first thought. And then I thought: “if you put anchovies on that thing…”