Placebo Party

Now that Cookie Monster is in rehab after his crazy binge, is he seeing a lot of these little guys…?

If they are placebos, they’re living a lie!!! Crazy, my tuckus!!!

YAY…I was hoping this would show up tonight :slight_smile:

still like how it looks like the pill still inside the bottle is slapping the other one.

In contrast to yesterday’s shirt, the straitjacket kinda makes sense on this one. At least the pills have arms.

Congratulations on the print, but it seems the madness derby is going to be a straight sweep of the cute stuff, which in my opinion is kind of weak.

I thought drug references weren’t allowed? :wink:

All I see are rowdy Tic-Tacs.

A party’s not a party without two pills having sex in the background.

EDIT: Upon second thought, one of those pills in the bottle just has to be Viagra.

If my pills are crazy does that mean I’ll be crazy by taking them, or does the transitive property not apply here?

define “drug”

Lol group therapy “grass” huh?

anyway, these are not “drugs”, they’re “placebos” :wink:

The man has one look! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

I hope theres some refills left on the prescription, at that rate of crazy there bound to all eat each other, or jump off the table to their death! Then theres none for me to consume! I can’t live a normal life without my pillllls.

Congrats tjost, really fun take on the theme. :slight_smile:

Yay! Gonna wear this shirt to work under my scrubs (I work with dementia patients).

I wonder what the far left one is thinking…

I resent the accusation that Fresno is the Kentucky of California. I’m from Fresno!

looks reminiscent of the house md cast photo. It seems so appropriate.

pity they removed it already since it was from a few seasons back.