Would it be considered illegal if i used text from something like windows word and make a shirt and sold them on the internet?


that would be more like copyright infringement.


yeah yeah, thats what i meant. so all these companies that make shirts have thier own fonts?


some, but unless you make a bundle off of their font, they probably won’t come after you.


interesting, thanks.


Are you talking about using a font?




As long as you obtained the font legally it would be ok I think. Otherwise, you would never be able to use your printer. STL prolly knows more than me though.


Mr. Star,

Your reasoning sounds more reasonable. If you pay for a legal copy of Word, isn’t that a license to use it? As long as you’re not passing around .ttf files.


Correct. Word proccessors and operating systems come with fonts. You are granted a license to use these fonts for your work and business. If you use a truely copyrighted font (say from a movie or tv title), you may get in trouble but there are knock-offs of many of those available as well.

Do stay away from mimicing the look and feel of a copyrighted product though.


yeah, it’s not like i want to copy the google logo and make it diffrent colors.


Not to nit pick, but it is spelled
"plagiarism "
Sorry, I just had to say that.
Pay no attention to me.


I wondered wondered when poof or ace would show up :slight_smile: