Planar 37 inch Widescreen 1080p High Definition LCD TV

It’s 1am and i’m still watching the Yankee game, oh how I love monday morning baseball!

Froogle Link Minimum Price $1,931.16

Yahoo! Shopping Link Minimum Price $1,999.00

Shopzilla Link Minimum Price $2,038.74

Manufacturer Page

planar? who is planar? looks nice, tho

I have this tv, it rox, and I payed a fair amount more for it…

ughh, get a vizio from costco for $700 less

Is that Bill Shatner in the Twilight Zone?

Looks tempting, Would this be good for Battlefield 2?

So what’s so good about this set ? Vizio at costco is 1099.00 and lifetime warranty

OMG, this price would have been good a year ago, but you can get a known name LCD for at least $500 less.

This PRICE is HORRIBLE, you can get a much better 37" LCD TV for 1K at costco, microcenter, and many other places!

planaar? what the…

Slightly too expensive for me too.

And who’s Planar??

does this support the new blu ray discs?

$5 to ship that monster is pretty impressive.

ughh, get a vizio from costco for $700 less

Ah, Bill Shatner’s Twilight Zone appearance…

Little bit of a nod to the Shatner Roast airing at this very moment?


wow! it’s The Shat in the Twilight Zone gremlin episode! worth every penny!

well, i could if i wanted, but i got a projector with a media center, so thatll do for now. plus ive seen 37’ plasmas go for much cheeper. night woot