Planar High Definition Home Theater Projector



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New Planar High Definition Home Theater Projector, for $599.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Planar PD7130 720p Home Theater Projector

Info: MSRP was $3999 in 2006…

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I like the idea…

Ive heard quite abit about Plunar… Ifit was some other comany id be in.


Found a few reviews via Alatest…,27/


Damn, I wish my friend was on to tell me if this is high quality or not. Anyone know how these compare to models in the $1,000+ range?


Junk. In for one.


Damn! My Dad JUST purchased the Plasma screen for our new Theater room, this would have been a lot cheaper and more authentic movie-style.


Yessssssssss in for 1 :slight_smile:


why is this taking so long for a receipt? server is slow?


This is a fair deal, check out what Planar Projectors go for on ebay:

eBay Results: Planar Projector

Lesser projectors are going for more, I say Woot it.


Sigh. His birthday, of course. But who could care? Especially out here, where love is dashed upon the rocks like a rose given as an insincere apology. Love. Don’t give up on it, Harry! Make a wish upon it, upon the stars.


Man, Woot can you make an exception and ship internationally? I really, really, really, really need/want one of these. Send me an e-mail or something, k? This is exactly what I was looking for while browsing the net at work today.


Eh…I dont know if I would use this for a home theater. I have a Mitsubishi HTP and it kicks ass. 900 lumens is sorry, and you will be too if you try to use this in any condition other than pitch black.
Good for the price I suppose, but just dont be dissappointed with the quality


I’m not an authority on Planar, so don’t take this as an endorsement necessarily.

What I can say is that InFocus was formed by guys who used to work at Planar. And Planar now owns Runco, who makes amazing projectors.

But I don’t know the first thing about Planar itself. If this is of good quality though I recommend it at this price. 720p is perfectly okay for anything in the 80" range if you’re sitting about 10 feet away. I have an InFocus 720p SP5000 I bought off Woot a while back for 650 with a screen and it’s gorgeous and I personally don’t mind the less than 1080 resolution even at that size. And this was like 2 years ago when 1080p cost 5,000 minimum.


The lamp is more expensive than the projector?


wow those suckas are heavy. my hc1500 is only 6 lbs.



:frowning: wish i hadn’t just spent $500 on a much lesser projector and another $150 for a tv tuner.


Just what is the meaning of this link? I can’t find any revelant information. There are no items listed to make a sensible comparison, only replacement bulbs for a higher quality model.


been waiting for something like this,

can’t wait till it arrives!


when will WooT get an high def laser projector?

Quality is fine as long as the mesh mapper has enough holes, and it does not require focusing on any target.