Planar Home Theater Xscreen

1 Planar Home Theater Xscreen

$399.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

Size: 60" XScreen, 70" XScreen

pricing for future reference

Why so much? It’s almost the cost of the projector itself! Just paint your wall white!!

Okay I am confused… what are the diagonal measurements of these screens?

For example… the 70” Model Dimensions (W x H x D): 70” x 40.55” x 3.15”

That does not specifically indicate diagonal, in fact my 50" plasma is less than 50" wide. No where in the description does it indicate diagonal, only in the Woot talk up, which is so creative they tend to get the facts incorrect :slight_smile:

Pretty informative review here. Seems to have a very limited viewable angle.

60 or 70 inch diagonal? Way too small for home theater.

This should come with aspect ratio border inserts for $400

Someone’s a bragger or really needs some glasses.

You can find a little bit of useful information on Planar xScreens on alatest, but not much yet…

The screen for my projector (mitsubishi HC1500) is a queen sized sheet from walmart with a black 2-inch ribbon around the border… My friends still ask me if it’s a professional screen.

“oh my god” went off in my head when I saw the price. shoulda spend money on sucks.

If my trig isn’t completely useless, Diagonal measurements should be the measure of the hypotenuse of the sides. Woot gives measurements as:

60” Model Dimensions (W x H x D): 60” x 34.25” x 3.15”
70” Model Dimensions (W x H x D): 70” x 40.55” x 3.15”

I’m guessing these measurements are for the entire screen, not just the viewing area, and the 60" and 70" actually refer to the diagonal of the screen. However, it’s kind of unclear since the dimensions given don’t specify whether they’re the dimensions of the screen or the dimensions of the viewing area, so here are some numbers:

So the diagonal measure of the 60" model would be 34.25^2 + 60^2 = diagonal^2, giving

60" model diagonal measure (entire screen, not just viewing area)~ 69.1"
70" model ~ 80.1"

Hope that helps, but I’m still not buying a $400 blank surface.

I think its suppose to look like a flat screen tv… why you would want that, I dont know. My screen cost under 30 bucks!

100"+ home theater setup = some of the only bragging writes I consciously acknowledge!

It’s all about ambient light. If you’re sitting in the sweet spot (which is narrow), it’s supposed to look very much like a plasma display even with ambient light. I believe the review says the half-gain (when it’s half as bright) is something like 25 degrees off dead center, though, so if it’s not a narrow viewing area, move along.

When mixed with a decent projector, though, you can have a 70" display that looks much like a plasma but cost about a grand (if you woot and sellout.woot, for example) instead of whatever the heck a 70" plasma costs these days (what, $5,000?).

Looks cool, but sure wouldn’t work in my living room :^(

If they sold the 100" one for the same price, though, I’d buy it just because…

I just used my garage door with my Panasonic 500-U or whatever it is, along with my woot DVD/VHS player that came with speakers and a subwoofer (GoVideo? I forget)

The door isnt even flat. People driving by were OOHing and AAHing. And I’m the coolest parent in the universe now.

My TV is bigger than this projection screen :X

I used a wall once and it was great

Does anyone else think that this is the most absurd thing they have ever seen on any of the woot sites? And I’m the type of person who buys a leakfrog.

Maybe so, But would you buy a $400 leakfrog?

Only if it was a 70" leakfrog…