Planar PR6020 Mobile High Bright DLP Projector



blogerized the comparison useful linkage cuz that’s what i usually do… and p.s… this is a good one… and p.p.s… yes i drank too much on St. Patty’s nite.


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Planar PR6020 Mobile High Bright DLP Projector
$899.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Planar PR6020 Mobile High Bright DLP Projector


Is this thing good in a well lit room?


2000 lumens huh? wish native res was higher


I know planar makes GREAT monitors, But anyone have experience for one of their projectors?


2000 lumens should be OK, but like all projectors, it’s best if you turn the lights dim or use shades.


A 1024x768 native with 2000 lumens and 2000:1 contrast = finally not some subpar model… this might actually be good :slight_smile: Reviews anyone?


Even if I could afford this. I wouldn’t want it. A projector?!? Even worse, A DLP Projector?!? bump it once and its toast…snooze.


what makes this cost so much more than the last projector that was $299? 1024x768 aint great


I’d rather dish out 900 clams for an HD TV


Truthfully no projector is decent in a well light room.



happy wooting =)


GRRRR!!! another product i do want… but is way out of what i can currently afford!!! DAMM MY WORTHLESS JOB!!! lol… i have herd projectors are better as long as u have the wallspace or a pull down screen… any thoughts on that?


My thoughts exactly


1024 X 768 that’s ancient 4:3 technology. Give us a 1280 x 720 projector woot, well by give, I mean put one up for a reasonable price. :slight_smile:


Replacement lamps are $429 (direct from planar)


EXACTLY. 1280x720 means 720p which means i might consider it.


Probably the fact that it’s so light - 2.8lbs


or $399 at
not much better.