Planting With Bloem

What is the difference between DCHB1246-6 and DCHB12-46??? I don’t understand the words coming out of your mouth.

What’s the diff?
Bloem DCHB12-46 Hanging Basket/Planter, 12-Inch, Terra Cotta


Bloem DCHB1246-6 Dura Cotta Hanging Basket/Planter, 12-Inch, Terra Cotta

Does the 2nd contain 6 of the 1st one?

I’m checking in with the buyer! I’ll report back ASAP.

Edit: yep, you were right! The more expensive one was a 6pack. We’ve updated the title and all that, sorry for the confusion.

It appears that on the hanging planters that the hanger part is rope. Am I correct about this, and is there any type of hook on the top?

Hey there- our vendor says: “The hanging baskets come with a matching macrame cord with a chrome ring. The ring goes over a hook that home owner has, no hook is included.”

Awesome, thank you for the quick response.

This question applies to all categories: Under “Specs” the specs appear to be incomplete. For example, a 36" planter, I assume, is 36" long. How wide and deep is the 36" planter?

The Bloem site doesn’t have any other dimensions listed. Are there any specifically that you’re interested in so we can ask the vendor?

Can you please clarify on the 6 pack in peppercorn as the image shows Exotica not peppercorn and the specs also show "(1) Bloem DCHB12-56-6 6-Pack Dura Cotta Hanging Basket/Planter, 12-Inch, Exotica?

I almost put that in my basket - but I don’t want purple.

Reading the comments saves you money!

For the people that did not notice, I wonder if that still qualifies for a return with no issues.

I’m having them check up on this now- if it turns out we made a mistake in listing this item, we’ll probably preemptively email the people who already purchased with more info.

…“saucers sold separately” But you didn’t post any saucers!

squinty eye with eyebrow raised

Same question from me as the person already asked: “How wide and deep is the 36” planter?" though maybe they should have said how tall and deep - essentially, what are the other two dimensions! :slight_smile: (oh, and given this one is so tapered, please be clear about whether the depth and length are measured at the base, the top rim, or in the middle somewhere.)

I’d also like to know the same height/depth info for the 21" in the 3-pack.


Found it myself (no time to keep checking back!), for the 36" per Home Depot:

Assembled Depth (in.) 5.75 in Assembled Height (in.) 5.75 in
Assembled Width (in.) 7.5 in Color Family Black
Container depth (in.) 5.75 Drainage Holes No
Fixture Color/Finish Family Solid Color Material Plastic
Product Height (in.) 5.75 Product Type Pot
Product Weight (lb.) 2.19 Returnable 90-Day
Saucer Included Yes Self-Watering No
Textured No

Milano, per Amazon… :slight_smile: :

Product Details

Product Dimensions: 21 x 7.2 x 5.8 inches

Oh wow, thanks for sharing all of this!

they didn’t ship what was in the picture, they shipped the over the railing version