Planting With Bloem

will any of the rail planters fit on a wrougth iron raiing?

I bought these last time. Be sure you check for plugs at the bottom of the pots! I almost killed my plants because I left the plugs in!

I love the over the railing pots but jeesh… too rich for my blood.

I bought 2 plastic window boxes from Home Depot for around $7 each. Even on sale these are almost twice as much.

I do feel guilty that mine probably aren’t made in the US, but I’ll pocket the almost $10 in savings and go on with my day…

I’m assuming that “Terra Cotta” is referring to the color and not the material the planters are made out of? These are all made out of plastic, right?


Bloem DCHB1256-6 6-Pack Dura Cotta Hanging Basket/Planter you have listed as peppercorn but use the image of the purple pots instead. The same thing happened last time you sold these products. Can you please advise if these are the purple pots or the peppercorn color?

Sorry for the discrepancy. I pinged our buyers to get clarification. Thanks for pointing that out and check back for an update.

Yea, I’m not going to hold my breath. That’s what I was told last time by two different people and nothing happened. I am interested in a 6 pk of peppercorn but not the purple.

I’m sorry that we didn’t get an answer for you in the last sale- I harassed our buyer again and he confirmed it will be the purple you won’t want. I apologize.

Thank you! You are indeed the nicest.

I bought an 18 inch over the rail pot. It’s wonderful! Fits perfectly, flowers look beautiful in it, everyone who’s seen it compliments it. I have decided I need 2 more for the other end of the porch. I hope you bring these back again Woot!