Plantronics BackBeat Fit Wireless Headphones

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Plantronics BackBeat Fit Wireless Headphones
Price: $39.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Great Price. I got a refurb of these from Tech Rabbit for $10 more, but that was with free shipping and no tax, so this is a couple bucks less. Love these. Perfect for running.

I’ve had these for over a year, and wear them to the gym at least four times a week. Good sound quality and volume level. I sweat like a pig, but these are still going strong. Good battery life, too.

Picked these up on sale at Costco. I’ve gone through every bluetooth headset. These are my second favorite next to my Apple Airpods. But you could buy FOUR of these for the cost of one airpod. Sound is good (not as good as the Airpods), but here you have good volume and track controls right on the unit. I would not risk my expensive airpods in the gym. For that purpose, these are just perfect. Very comfortable to wear for long periods.

Here to join the love-in! These are a great set of headphones, I’ve owned two pairs and been extremely happy with them both. They let in outside ambient noise, so they’re great for exercise outside the gym where you need to be aware of your surroundings or while doing chores but keeping an ear out for the kids blowing things up.

These suckers are also SUPER comfortable - I have very sensitive skin and ears, and I can wear these for house no problem. They stay in your ears very well indeed without clamping down at all.

The mic is not as good as it could be would be the only down side, but I rarely use them for calls myself.

Love these things! I ended up winning a new pair from my office as a prize from some health related challenge, so I can’t speak about a refurbished pair specifically. But if they’re as good as they are brand new this is an awesome price. I have small ears and most sport headphones are simply too big to be comfortable or stay in properly. I had been using yurbuds for running as those were the only ones I could find that fit, but I wanted a Bluetooth option. These fit as comfortably as the yurbuds (though I will say the over the ear piece doesn’t do much around my insubstantial ears) with great sound quality, solid connection to my phone and plenty of ambient noise to keep me safe on the roads. The battery life is outstanding too. I’ve only used them to take a call once, with just okay results, but it works in a pinch. Skipping songs I don’t care for and volume control are also a breeze without missing a stride or fiddling with my phone.

These are great. I wear them every day and use them for ~5 hours. Battery life is great. Sound is good for podcasts. I am on my second pair. My first finally broke after over 500 days of continuous use.

My second pair is a refurb like this one and have had no issues. Also I recently started wearing them in the shower some days.

Just want to agree with everyone else. I love these. Bought them on sale from CostCo. They are the Wirecutter’s suggestion for “non-sealed” workout bluetooth headphones. They don’t seal and you can hear ambient noise when wearing them, which is what I want when doing stuff outside.

Okay, I’m piling on here! These headphones are GREAT. I bought them new from Costco last Christmas and I love them. They sound great and you don’t insert them into your ear…you let them rest where they land in your ear and the sound is great. Little or no discomfort. I don’t use it for phone calls much but it seems fine.

Yeah pretty much everyone agrees these are great. I run 50+ miles a week and these are the only headphones that I’ll wear. They’re not the most amazing sounding nor do they block out the most noise but they stay in place. Honestly if you’re using these for running or cycling it’s great that they don’t block out all the outside noise, it keeps you safer. Just bought my second pair (first ones lasted about a year are were refurbs) a refurb pair for $55 off amazon these are totally worth it.

Last summer I tried 8 different wireless headsets and these were by far the best. They hold up well against a lot of sweat and long runs.

When wooters’ comments are even more consistently positive than for a Wellington wine offering, I’ll buy. So I did.

Can I go swimming with these?

if your swimming is in between:

Waterproof design that meets IP57 rating plus sweat proof nano-coating.

Protected from immersion between 15 centimeters and 1 meter in depth.

You can only go swimming in these once and not for very long. They are sweat/ rain proof not water submersible. The seal around the buttons is very thin. I’ve had my pair for about 2 years now and they’ve been great for running/ workouts/ and yardwork (rain or shine) I’m in for one just to have as backup for when mine decide to go poof.