Plantronics BackBeat GO 2 Wireless Headphones

In for 2. Decent set of headphones. I have these without the charging case. When placed into the ear like and ear plug, it works well drowning out noise such as chainsaws, weed eaters, and lawnmowers. I can listen to music at a reasonable level over the sound of the engines. The rubber loop that holds in in your ear is a bit finicky and hard to set right, but once in they rarely come out unless tugged on by the cord. Sound is decent but not amazing.

Refurbished headphones? Ew! No earcheese please.

Coming to the original box ?

No. It will come in a brown or white box.

I constantly go through earphones because the connector end almost always get torn. I just got these today and I’m pretty impressed with them. I’m a happy camper.

I’m looking for something of this nature to use for the hearing impaired in our church service. Will it work from the audio computer / control system? What is the hardware audio source requirement?

Got mine. They sound good, but none of the ear buds stay in my ears.

Very frustrating.

The best type of headphones for that would probably be the bone conducting type like the Aftershokz Titanium or other which are Bluetooth.

So, about that “up to 14.5 hours”… Yeah, I’m lucky to get 4.5. Sound good, nice range, but nowhere near the battery life claimed.

I liked these…

until I realized the fact that the sound volume being unequal between the left and the right wasn’t due to my hard-of-hearing left ear (A problem that I’ve been faced with since early childhood) but instead a possibly loose connection in the wiring inside the left ear bud.

Well, that’s factory refurbishment for ya. Great policy on refunds though, Woot! It really sucks I didn’t realize the issue until it was sold out. Would have loved to have a functional pair. Looks like I’ll resort to home engineering to fix them. :\