Plantronics BackBeat GO

I own these. I think I paid $70 for them and even at that price they were worth it. I’m seriously tempted to pick up another set at this price.

I’m no audiophile but I am extremely picky about headphones. These really surprised me with their sound quality. They are pretty comfortable and work with every device i have (iPhone, iPad, surface pro, sell desktop).

My one complaint is that you really need to get the fit right in the ear tips. I used the large for a long time but they constantly popped out, I use the medium now and really shove them in. You also need to keep your ears clean since a modest amount of ear grease will have them coming loose. Sorry to be gross but it’s just something you have to deal with when using in-ear headphones. Replacement ear tips are cheap and plantronics sends them quickly.

finallt, the headset capability of these is great. I’ve never had a complaint from the other side when using them for voice. I’ve spent many hours on conference calls with these and they have been perfect.

I highly recommend these. I have convinced myself to pick up a second pair.

You’re Woot’s ideal customer/employee!

One question, after reading through a few pages of the most recent Amazon reviews – what’s been your experience with battery life? That seems to be the most frequent complaint (aside from fit, which to me is such a subjective thing that it’s not fair to ding a rating just b/c the buds don’t fit in your particular ears.)

I paid a lot more for these retail as well, and I’m pretty happy with them. At first I was also disappointed with the fit, but then I actually bothered to read the instructions regarding the stabilizers. They made all the difference in the world, and stay locked in my ear, very comfortably.

The key (at least for me) was to have the stabilizer face you, as you place it in your ear, like this:

Battery life seems to be around 4 hours. I typically don’t use them that long as my main use-case is my rail commute, approximately 45min each way. As a result, I don’t stress the battery too much, but even on days with delays or other train drama, they usually continue to work, unless I forget to charge them overnight.

For long trips and flights I swear by my Samsung Over’s.

That’s really helpful, thanks. After reading quite a number of Amazon reviews, I decided to take a chance on them. I’ll read the manual, I promise!

I also want them for my commute, by subway. Usually less than an hour each way, so I’m not too worried about the battery life, as long as it’s close to what’s advertised. I have some wired sport earbuds that stay on my ears pretty well, but the wire is so unwieldy that I don’t even bother to use them, most days.

Thanks for the reviews. I was on the fence about these until I read your review. Can’t wait to give them a try. Has anyone worn them while working out? Do they fall out during exercise?

I have had these since june 2014, I used them an awful lot and now the battery only really holds its charge for about 2 hours. Kind of a bummer, but I used them daily and recharged them every time so I guess its to be expected. I’m gonna pick up a second pair because I was a fan.

How is the noise isolating with these? Looking to use them whilst travelling via airplane.

Well, mine arrived a little while ago. I have them charging, so I can’t comment on how they sound. I installed the stabilizers, as per the diagram, and I’m using the smallest pair of tips. They fit snugly and comfortably, and don’t move around when I shake my head - a good start. The proof of the pudding will be in my evening commute.

Edit, 10/21/15: Fit nicely: check. They stay put, using the fit loops. I’m using the smallest tips. Audio quality: fine, volume a bit quiet but reasonable. Battery life: as expected. I try to charge them up when I get to the office. Gripe: the damn things keep cutting in and out. Sometimes so frequently that it’s like the singer has the hiccups. But not every time I use them, and not with every audio player on my phone. Unpairing and then repairing helps, but not every time, and of course is annoying. If I can’t find a fix (I think I read rebooting, but who wants to do that while the phone’s in use?), considering returning them. Pity, they’re nice otherwise.