Plantronics Bluetooth Devices

Ordered a Voyager Legend from woot last week; initially a bit of a problem in pairing with a Samsung Note 3, but once I got through that it worked great. Very nice Bluetooth.

I’ve got the Legend through work. It’s a great device. You can also play media through it with good quality (mono, of course, but hey, that’s good enough for my audio books.) Charge holds up very nice. Speech quality is very good.

I also recommend snatching one of those up: Keeps it nicely protected and also charged.

I received the Legend I ordered today. Paired with two different phones, sound is great on my end…but no one can hear me. I updated the firmware, unpaired an paired again…still sounds horrible to the person I tried calling. Sound is garbled, they cannot hear me. Doesn’t work with either phone I tried on. I called my work voicemail to hear for myself, it is awful. Looks like this was a total waste of money!

After a little research, looks like this is a common issue. Which doesn’t make me very happy!