Plantronics Discovery Bluetooth Headset

Seriously? Why would you want a used (refurbished) item that attaches to your face/head?

That looks like either a weapon or a sex toy.


I MUST be tired… that image looks SO wrong… and SO right…

waiting a a lcd tv come on… give it to me woot

hmmm…dunno if i want this.

yuck. you gonna have refurbished toothbrushes next?

This was on last night too I think…

This was on last night too I think…

Ah! Thanks for that catch. I was interested but missed the refurbished. Pass!

Man, I wish this supported A2DP.

just me, or is a ®efu®b earpiece gross?

Yeah but that one was new, not refurbished.

If I didn’t have a pile of blue tooth crap sitting around id jump on it.

Good Point. I noticed that it was a refurb but didn’t consider the germ factor. No dice.

That image is so wrong, I won’t even say what the recharger looks like. On the positive side who needs coffee to stay awake a few more of these surprising images and we will all be wide awake!!!

I’d probably get them mixed up and put the wrong thing in my ear and that would hurt.

I thought wootoffs don’t expire until the product is sold out, they already showed this one.

Very gross!!! I hope they at least wipe the ear wax off it.

Finally got a BT phone, need to check out how this works, seems pretty cheap. I’m sure the refurb has new ear pads (hence REFURB, and not USED). I’m not too worried about who used it last.