Plantronics Headsets

I bought the Plantronics .Audio 510 Digital Multimedia Headset from for $17 about 4 years ago. Plenty of times I wanted to kick myself for not buying more since they were running around $50 elsewhere. The sound quality is great although my ears tend to get a little hot since the headset covers them. When I’m gaming, I’ll wear them half off my ear for ventilation. Anyway, here they are. I just bought two more now everyone else can go fight over the rest. :wink:

Looks like a reseller bought up all the GameCom headsets. :confused:

Amazon is selling the 476 folding USB headset for several cents cheaper, and with amazon prime shipping is free.

I don’t understand woot “deals” these days.

Mostly, it’s just hard to keep up with the fluctuating prices on Amazon and all the their third parties. The third parties change their price just a few days ago.

Not necessarily. By the time something makes it to Sellout, we’ve run it a few times before (usually) and may have limited stock. There’s still the limit to 3 per account.

I bought two of these from Amazon instead because I’m a Prime member and they’re cheaper with no shipping fee. You’d think since the price issue was pointed out somebody would drop the price on these. Especially since Amazon owns woot. shrug

The excuse of not being able to keep up with the third party Amazon people doesn’t fly on this. It’s the Internet. You can change these things in a few minutes once you find out your Woot price is being beaten. Especially on a “Sell-Out”. :slight_smile:

I was checking back on the specs of my device when I realized that it was supposed to come with a pouch. I never got a pouch of any kind