Plantronics Office Wireless Headset w/Handset Lifter

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Plantronics Office Wireless Headset w/Handset Lifter
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Do people even wear these anymore?

They do. We actually have several of these in our office. Mostly for our secretaries and commodity traders, who spend a lot of time on the phone coordinating and collecting information. There are also days when I wish I had one for when I get to spend the afternoon arguing with a Warranty department.

I actually prefer a slightly nicer version of these for setting up as it allows you to connect to Bluetooth and USB to switch between them easily.

I have one at my desk at work. The most comfortable headset I’ve ever used (I wear over the head, as I really don’t like the feeling of any over the ear headset I’ve tried), and I was on a LOT of conference calls with these things. Battery on mine lasts about 6 hours of continuous use (and I mean continuous, single call, no breaks, because it’s wireless so you take it with you when you need to get up, because the call’s a troubleshooting bridge and you’re responsible for knowing all of the things that people say…). If you are looking for a good headset for lots of desk phone use, this is a solid choice. I had to have one headset replaced after a couple years of use because the audio would cut out completely after adjusting the volume. The second one has had no issues in the several years I’ve had it.

Can you put calls on hold?

You can mute and also adjust the caller volume from the buttons on the side of the headset. But the hold feature itself is not an option on the piece. That will still have to be controlled from the desk phone. I have used one of these before and the mute ability is almost just as good unless you want the caller to hear any hold message/music.

You cannot put calls on hold with this headset, per plantronics

I use this every day when I am at work.

It’s super great. I forget I am wearing it constantly. If you like to type with two hands, while talking to someone on the phone, it’s basically a must have.

I use a Cisco 7942 and it pairs directly with the phone with very little effort. I hate using a work phone without one.

I don’t know what’s up with the receiver lifter thingy, I don’t have that, but this is cheaper than Amazon and a fantastic product. I’ve been using it for years.

Have owned two of the predecessors of this model for years and still use both daily !! the ease of use and ergonomics make them great Started out with one because my work required me to be on the phone a LOT.
Plantronics equipment has always been a good choice for me and I will probably get one of these.

where are the batteries in this unit???

Does this work with multiple phone lines? We have 2 land lines plus a cell connect to the phones in our office. Can our agents answer calls from all 3 lines using this one headset?

Think of this headset as just a replacement for the handset of the phone you connect it with. It can do basic things like mute. It is compatible with two lines or more, as long as that is handled at the phone. You will not get a control on this to switch lines.

If you purchase this, also look for the connection cable for your specific desk phone (if supported). I used these with Polycom VX600’s and with the integrated cable, the operation was flawless.

This is a good wireless headset!!

The batteries are behind the mike stalk in the thicker part of the unit that is in front of the ear portion. They can be replaced for under $7 if you look around. I have the older unit and still use it frequently and for conf. calls, etc, or things where you need to actually have full use of your hands, it’s amazing. Range is great too and the mute, volume up, volume down is easily done with one finger.