Plantronics Stereo Gaming Headset for Xbox One

Bought two of these, one in each color. First impressions are they are lightweight (read: cheaply made) but do produce decent sound. The mic sits a little far from the mouth, on a fixed arm (does fold up) a d cannot be bent closer to the mouth so my kids have to talk a little louder than id prefer for their friends to hear them. On the plus side, the fit is customizable to their head size and overall happy with them so far.

Headset arrived. After spending 45 minutes adjusting Xbox setting determined microphone not working. Customer service sent link for return but link only prints out blank sheet. Not happy.

I’m very sorry. Reach out to CS again so they can help you.

I reached out again and was sent another blank return label. Now really unhappy. I wrote for them to call me at home and gave number. I’m not happy with product or customer service

I reached out to Customer service yet again. After not hearing from Woot, I spoke to credit card company. They’re refunding my money. If a customer is having trouble with Customer service, it seems kind of stupid for the staff monitoring these messages to say “reach out” again. The staff should have reached out to me. I’m done with

Have you tried opening the link on a different PC? Most return labels are PDF files (in my experience) so make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, and most current browser. Hopefully that will get you your label. Glad your CC company refunded you. I have dealt with Woot customer service a few times and have always been satisfied. But, it has been a while…hopefully it’s not going downhill! Thanks for sharing your experience. Hopefully Woot will make it right.

Agree with Steven. Do you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat installed? I haven’t heard of this issue from any other customers.

Update: I asked CS to contact you again. They suggested that you can also go to any UPS store and print the label using the Get Mobile Code link you were set.