Plantronics Voyager 5200 - Bluetooth Headset

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Plantronics Voyager 5200 - Bluetooth Headset
Price: $49.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Feb 28 to Monday, Mar 05) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Refurbished, which means it was used at some point.

Something that goes in your ear and is used? Umm, yeah…

Not a bad deal. I’ve always been wary of refurb Plantronics headsets, as 3 out of the 4 I bought here from Woot were faulty. But, if something goes wrong, you can always return it. I did buy a 5200 refurb not long ago, and so far it’s been good. Everyone always wants to know how it compares against the Legend, which I had 3 of previously. Well, the software seems to be better (I ran into a few repeatable bugs in the Legend firmware), the fit is a little stiffer, and the sound is a bit more detailed.

I’ve had a few of these, albeit earlier models, and they are extremely good headsets IMO.

My only complaint would be that the rubber cladding where it bends just past the buttons has a tendancy to break after a year or so of regular use, rendering the thing useless as it won’t stay on the ear anymore. Given that the warranty is 90 days and these are refurbs, that’s a cause for concern.

I purchased a 5200 just after it was released and it has been a good headset. Curious about these refurbs as well, and if they are as good as new? Amazon has these for $53 last week on a one-day sale, but I never found who refurbished them…and what that actually means. I am still curious and would purchase as a back up if we knew.

This says that it comes with the charge case, is this correct?

Uhm, yes. Any reason for it not to come with it?

UPDATE: Does not come with the charging case.

Usually they replace the rubber “ear” parts on these refurbished units, so no need for “yuck”. And replace anything that would have been the cause of why it was returned to them. I usually have extremely good luck with refurbished and often prefer them to new.

Always get a chuckle out of seeing people who wear these things like a regular piece of clothing or an accessory. Cannot miss that phone call bro, buy low sell high!

I too have been having problems with the Voyager refurbished headsets (4 of them so far over the past 3-4 yrs) where the rubber bends around your ear. It is like they are “sprung” or something and whenever I move my head somewhat fast they fall out/off. Are you sure that the rubber ear parts are replaced on the refurbished?

I wear mine every day/all day that I’m working, but that’s to avoid a fine of up to $2750 for me and up to $11000 for my employer if I were to be caught using the phone while driving. My company guarantees that they will only pay the $11000 once per employee if you get my drift.

This is a really good deal! I picked up a refurb a couple weeks ago for almost twice this price and it didn’t come with the charging case, which I purchased separately for $25 and at the time thought it was a good deal. I bought this because I work in a loud datacenter a lot while on the phone with colleagues and vendors but the bluetooth headsets I had were useless. The person on the other end couldn’t hear me so I looked for a noise cancelling headset that had multiple mics to pick up and cancel out background noise and landed on this. The first time I used it the person on the other end couldn’t tell I was in a noisy datacenter! If it wasn’t so much of a hassle to return the headset and case that I bought I’d totally get this and save myself like $60!

It usually doesn’t. It’s an accessory or it’s sold as a package deal. This is a great deal.

I’m pretty sure that all errant wax that caused any possible malfunctions has been removed…

Well crap. I asked that they double check with the vendor and it seems it does NOT come with the case.

We’ll be contacting everyone that purchased to let them know and give them an opportunity to cancel.

I’m very sorry.

Does this work with Avaya software? My company just switched to Avaya softphone, the OneX Communicator, and wired headset they gave us is awful. Uncomfortable, can’t hear anything, constantly having to move the mic boom…

You would probably need Plantronics’ MDA box to connect this to any sort of VOIP softphone. We use these with Shoretel and it works fine as long as you have the MDA box that connects to your PC via USB

I bought one this morning at 5:50 or so Mich time. At THAT time the picture showed the case, and had this cute little movie showing how to use the earpiece. Now it doesn’t??? How do I cancel my order?? It shows that it already shipped. . . That case, and the USB Bluetooth that it holds, extra charging power, etc was THE reason I had ordered this.

Same, that was the core reason as to why I purchased two. It already indicates as shipped. Where should I request a cancellation as that is incredibly frustrating.