Plantronics Voyager Edge Bluetooth Headset

Got this a couple weeks ago. Outstanding headset. Intelligently switches between devices. Two issues: people think I’m angry with my keyboard when I type and, more importantly, the charger base failed after 3 days. It’s STILL worth the $ without the base. I would buy it again.

I bought one of these new a year or two ago and it’s by far the best headset I’ve ever used. When these were available on Woot a couple weeks ago I ordered two more.

They’ve been great, and I now have one for my office phone and one to keep in my laptop bag.

For this price, you really cannot go wrong.

I ordered one of these when they were offered by Woot a month or so ago. When it worked it was nice. But the problem was that after answering a call I could no longer hear it on the headset as it would drop the call to the phone. I would have to pick up the phone to continue the call. While I could hit the headset button on my phone to switch it back, but that defeated the purpose of having a headset; especially when driving. I even downloaded the upgraded software which did help initially. But the problem came back so I ended up returning it to Woot.

I got mine yesterday. 2 issues. One good, one not so good.

  1. Price on the invoice said $30.00
  2. Reason I assume it was 30 was there is no USB dongle to use it with sip software to talk on your PC that normally comes with this device but vendor’s refurbished model doesn’t have it so there was a mix up in price?

Woot, want to confirm the 30.00 charge vs the 37 as shown here? (not including shipping).

Just received mine today, but there is no car charger in the box like they say.

Got mine. It works but it looks like whoever owned it before got into a fight with a wolverine when wearing it. I don’t think they even wiped it down. Meh guess refurbished doesn’t just mean it had technical issues but the owner also treated it like crap. No car charger either.

Got mine a couple of days ago.
Now when I use the phone I get crackling noises.
It is pretty much made me using it border lining useless.

Working with Plantronics based on woot’s advise to figure whether anything could be done. :frowning:
Don’t have time for this (of course)