Plantronics Voyager Edge Bluetooth Headset

ah… reviews pretty well …
and “with car charger” makes it even more of a bargain…
Here it is on Plantronic’s own refurbished site… note With Car Charger in spec list here

and a CNet Review from back in 2014 when this was flashy and new…

I have one of these. It’s nice. Sounds good, both to me and to others.

I hate those Plantronics clear silicone things that cover the speaker and go into your ear though. The ones with the little loop?

They hurt like hell, at any size, and don’t keep the thing in. Instead it keeps wriggling its way loose.

So I use the over-the-ear clip. But then I can’t plug the headset back into its charging base without removing the clip again.

Overall, despite the sound, would not buy again.

In fact, I’m likely donating mine to a local thrift shop. I ended up with one of those itty bitty ones instead.

I have one of these. Been using it for 2 years or more. I would give it 5 stars. Very comfortable, sound quality is great, charging cradle is an added plus, works with Google Assistant, etc, etc. Only thing I don’t like is the stigma of wearing bluetooth headset but convenience outweighs stigma for me.

Who did the refurbishing? I got a couple of these from Groupon, and they both misbehaved in the same bizarre way: Often when answering a call from the headset, the incoming audio was sent to the headset, but the mic in the headset was NOT being used. The phone mic was still active.

And then there’s the eBay one I got that was “refurbished and tested fully functional” that arrived without a power switch.

I have had one for the past 2 years,and use it almost daily. Works really well for my use. As for the ear inserts; I bought the jawbone silicone insert, then trimmed the loop off of the stock insert, and the stuffed it into the jawbone insert. Works well and I can keep it in my ear for hours.

These items have been inspected, cleaned and restored to working order by a third party and are in 100% working condition.

Check out Avery Sound Company. You can order a custom silicone earpiece for around $90. Yes, expensive but I’ve used mine on multiple BT ear pieces other than the Plantronics Voyager Edge. Absolutely love it. Comfortable, blocks out noise, enough that you have to set the volume on the headset to minimum (sometimes even putting in a piece of cotton in the ear piece’s canal). Will not fall out and you can wear for hours without pain.

Link? pretty please?
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I purchased one of these refurbed from third party on mothership, didn’t work, sent it back. Took a shot buying refurbished one from Woot here in Aug 2016 and it still works great. As another reviewer said I don’t love the clear rubber loop on the earpiece either but have found that it works very well soundwise for me and those on the other end of the call. If I needed another I would buy one now as it’s even cheaper than when I bought it a couple years ago.