Plasma Beam Lighter w/ USB Charging Cable- 2 Pack

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Plasma Beam Lighter w/ USB Charging Cable- 2 Pack
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gaaahbidge. bought a 2-pack of these last sale, and one of them no longer works. charges up, but doesn’t work except for the blue charging indicator LED. the one that still works? well it was a cute idea but it’s a total pain in the ass to try and light anything bigger than the end of a toothpick.

Comments from a previous offer

I don’t imagine the lightsaber battles one could have with these would be epic, but for some reason I still need one!

$19.99 from a third party on the Big Brother site.

A lot of the reviews are of the “received this product free or at a discount for my unbiased review” type. What’s unusual is that several of the one- and two-star reviews are from those people.

[MOD: That is for a single lighter. Ours is a 2-pack.]

Will they not honor their life-time warranty if product is purchased from Woot?

Sometimes our products come with a different warranty for various reasons.

Even though this item has a ‘lifetime’ warranty stated on Amazon, the seller does not give instructions on how to utilize the lifetime warranty on either the product information description or in the box when the item comes. Per the reviewers, the seller has stopped answering questions about the stated lifetime warranty.

It is safe to say that there is no lifetime warranty.

$200 list price. lol. the manufacturer is full of it. If it really has a list price of $200 per, then why does Amazon sell it for $19.99 and most other plasma/arc/flamless lighters on Amazon at around that same price point?

The lifetime warranty only applies to the lifetime of the lighter…once it’s dead, so is the warranty…

Make one big enough for cigars and I’m in for 2.

I don’t smoke. Can I use this to start fires?

Plasma beam, can I weld with this?

Does this work on a Mac?

The reviews got a big fat F rating on:

on groupon for 16.99
as a non-smoker I am wondering if I can use it to light candles/incense

Yeah, but you should probably look into reselling or recycling your Mac instead of burning it.

Per the photo: yep!

And do you have a link to that Groupon sale by chance? I’d love to pass that to our category managers.

oh oops thats a single pack