Plasma Beam Lighter w/ USB Charging Cable- 2 Pack

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Plasma Beam Lighter w/ USB Charging Cable- 2 Pack
Price: $24.99
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7/16/2016 - $24.99 - Click To See Discussion (30 comments)

Almost makes me wish I was a smoker… though I’m guessing pic #4 and the sample on the right suggests in which state (WA?) the art department is in for this deal.

Ohhh, this is a 2 pack, not bad.

Not a mistake - this is a 2 pack of lighters.

I was going to say the same thing!

Yeh, just saw it and changed my post. My “Beer Eyes” were fuzzy.

is it good for cigar?

that is nice

I bought a pair of these when they were previously on Woot. I kept one for myself ( you never know when you need to start a fire) even though I am a non smoker. I gave the other one to my girlfriend who is a smoker. She loves it. I think it is less of a fire hazard than matches or a conventional lighter.

…something cool.

Here’s a short vid about these things…


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Nope. The arc beam is much smaller than would be useful for lighting any normal sized cigar. You can’t even fit a cigar into the beam path to light.

Now, that said, for anything that can be lit by the beam…these things rock. Fireworks? OWNED. Candles? HA! PUNY MORTAL CANDLES YOU SHALL BE AFLAME!

But really, anything 1/4" and under will instantly light. They rock.

Anybody have the guts to try one of these on a metal sparkler?

I also picked up a couple of these last time. They’re pretty neat, even though I don’t smoke.

Now these will “fire” even when they are closed and drain the battery while in your pocket if the button is presses.

Also, don’t expect these to work like lightsabers and slice through stuff. It just doesn’t work that way.

YES?? Is this good for a cigar? If so I have to have it

well crap. that’s saddening

One of the pictures states that it has lifetime warranty, while the product info page says 90 day Woot warranty. Which one is right?

2 pack for $24.99, this is really a deal, good.

More convinient for cigarette lover.