Plasma Beam Lighter w/ USB Charging Cable: 2 Pack

Came here looking for feedback because I just grabbed the last BIC out of a 5-pack and thought maybe these would be a good way to go. However when I came here someone had written “stay away”. But when I posted a reply asking why the person said that I received a Woot “server error” message. Now that it appears to be back up, the person’s post is gone. Does anyone want to comment on whether these are worth considering? … or do I buy another BIC 5-pack?

Yeah. “Stay away” is about as useful as “first”. I deleted it. I’m very happy to entertain feedback that has some reasoning behind it.

Arc size is a bit small, but probably sufficient to light a cigarette. Really cool way to light paper on fire. Very tempting to stick a finger in some day.

Plenty of reviews on the mother ship.

I came here and saw this and thought oh my what a deal $200 worth of lighter for $24.99! Then I went to the mothership to see reviews and compare and they have the exact same two pack as a prime item for $29.95 so I can actually get this item for $.04 less at Amazon, well that is unless I see something else on Woot that might make a good gift thus reducing the shipping by amortizing it over several items. Just saying.

One of those Amazon Verified Purchase user from the bradthegeek link wrote that this lighter was not TSA approved and that their lighter was confiscated by TSA.

So beware, TSA will most likely confiscate this device when they see it like they did to the Amazon reviewer.

I bought these a previous time they came up. They work fine. My only issue is that the spacing between the electrodes is a little small, but that’s really because when I smoke it’s mostly cigars. They’ve worked fine on cigarettes, fireworks, and kindling. You can use one on a full size cigar, but it takes some work.

I would agree. It may be TSA allowable BUT most TSA screeners will look at it, say, “sorry, it’s a lighter,” and not let it through. Good luck arguing with one of those folks when you’re in a hurry to get to a flight.

Do you have a link for that? I’m not able to find this brand in stock on Amazon right now :frowning:

I have 2 of these. They are cool, but the photo of the beam is false advertising, it is more like a spark not quite a beam. Also, there are cheaper better models on ebay. Problems with this model, it can easily turn on in pocket, backpack whatever because it works with lid closed, other models have button under lid. It is impossible to light bottle candles because the lid gets in the way and no way around it. Works good for cigs.

A friend of mine is a bartender, and one of her drinks requires her to torch a sprig of rosemary. Would the flame on this be large enough to be effective for that purpose?

Yeah…strangely they don’t seem to exist on Amazon now.

You can take lighters on flights. You can definitely take a plasma beam lighter on a flight as it contains no fuel. The TSA agent was wrong, as they often are.

Get a Zippo!

Just stick it in your bag and they won’t see it… I’ve taken a lighter on every flight I’ve every gone on! No one had ever said a thing about it!