Plasma Beam Lighter w/ USB Charging Cable: 2 Pack

Do these come shipped as just the lighter and usb cable or do they come in their retail packaging? (black display box with slip cover)

Can anyone from woot staff confirm?

Each one comes in the box as shown in the photos.

Thanks TT! Not sure how I missed those pics? Were they just added?

Bought these the last time they came up to be gifts for friends. They definitely pass the coolness test, are very sleek and solid feeling in your hand. Obviously they are intended for cigarettes, but they will light most anything you can hit with the electric arc.

Can Scotty beam you up with the plasma beams? I know, he’s an engineer, damn it, not a doctorr, but still… Is the haggis in the fire?

These are friggin awesome. Got for gifts and had names engraved on opposite sides from the saberlight logo in the same dont. Looks great. You can blow as hard as you want and never blow out the arc. I’m willing to bet you can even light up your cig/J while cruising on a motorcycle. To top it off, you can even light crap on fire. Charges with standard micro usb cord. A++++

I made a review of this lighter if anyone is interested in seeing!

does anyone know how these compare to the tesla ones?