Plasma Beam Lighter w/ USB Charging Cable- 2 Pack

$200 list price? Why even include that information when it’s so flagrantly wrong? Yeah, I know how they get the numbers.

$17.99 elsewhere

I bought a 2 pack from Woot the last time they were offered and they are really awesome! BUT… they don’t have the “lid safety feature”… So, with the lid closed, the button still works and the beam lights up! It hasn’t been an issue yet, but it is something to be aware of…

I now have 4 of these and love them. Wind has no effect even when my Jeep roof is off.

That offer is for a single lighter. Ours is for a two pack.

Anyone know if these are cigar-friendly? The size of the heat beam looks too narrow and I’m wondering how close it needs to be to the cigar tip.

@gmartinek @eddieweb - Other sellers list them the same way, stating the retail value. For example, Groupon has them sold individually, listing the retail price at $99 then “discounted” to $19.99. Yes, they are available at other locations for between $15-20 each online. Seeing that this is fulfilled by Amazon, they have them listed there for $15.95 ea. I purchased a 2-pack last time they were around (gave 1 as a gift) for $24.99 So a 2-pack for $22.99 is a good deal, even better than the Woot! price previously. If you purchase (2) 2-packs for $45.98 + $5 s/h = $12.75 a piece + tax (where applicable).

@cjkimmel - yes, all of the brands seem to have that flaw with having the button on the outside. I had that problem from sticking it in my pants pocket, to the point where it got really hot. I pulled it out and let it cool down, and it subsequently stopped working. Hence, I just purchased more. You have to either keep it in a loose jacket pocket, or out somewhere (i.e. a counter or in a spot in the car).

@dgreene0 - They will work, but with a little bit of difficulty. First, the gap between the two terminals isn’t very large, a little bit larger than a cigarette. For cigarettes, or other things such as candle wicks, paper for lighting a fire, etc. these are perfect. They even work decently for medium sized products such as cigarillos with some finagling (you have to insert the tip on a downward angle, then rotate around the circumference and you will get a good burn) which becomes easy with a little practice. For regular sized cigars, it is a bit more difficult, but it will work. You may have better luck with a model that has the dual arc (x-style), which you can easily find at other dealers such as Amazon.

Overall, these are a decent product. The wind has no effect on them, making them a perfect solution for in the car with the windows open, convertibles, jeeps, or if you have a balcony/patio in an elevated or windy area like I do. They are well worth the $11.50 ea. (+s/h & tax), especially if you protect it from being accidentally engaged (see above). Remember, S/H is $5 flat rate, regardless of how much you get. My friends always find this lighter interesting, and it is a good conversation starter in public.

Does it make a weird sound when you use it?

definitely NOT GOOD for cigars, as the ‘flame’ isn’t wide enough to lite one.